Easy Thanksgiving Meal for your Doxie!

Dachshund thanksgiving

Doxies Are family And They Deserve A Plate At the Thanksgiving Table Too

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know that Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t just for your friends and family. It’s for your Dachshund too. So, don’t forget about him when preparing for your meal on this wonderful occasion.

Preparing a meal for your Doxie does not have to be costly and complicated. In fact, there are a lot of DIY Thanksgiving meals that you can try for your doggie. In this post, let us share with you some of these great ideas so you and your Doxie would be ready for Thanksgiving!

Dachshund thanksgiving

Turkey and Sweet Potato Treats

It has been tradition to serve sweet potatoes and turkeys during Thanksgiving. So, why not have something for your Doxie as well. You can have sweet potato jerky treats and turkey loaf for your dachshund. You can even add carrots, pumpkin, and kale in the mix to further make the whole treat healthy and delicious!

Turkey Meatballs

Got a few turkey strips of meat to spare? Of course, you have, especially for your Doxie! You can instantly create turkey meatballs in just a few minutes. You can add these meatballs to your Doxie’s meal and we’re sure he’ll give you a big thanks for that!

Dachshund thanksgiving

Roasted Turkey Medallions

Combine white meat turkey with oatmeal or quinoa, and chopped carrots in the mix. Roll them into balls and you get protein-packed treats for your buddy.

The best thing about roasted turkey medallions is that they can easily be prepared and baked quickly. This means that you get more time preparing other dishes or making more treats!

Apple Meatloaf and Golden Turkey

Don’t know what to do with excess food on the table? If so, preparing apple meatloaf and golden turkey would truly be a delight! You’ll need, of course, turkey and apples. Then, get some peas, sweet potatoes, celery, and chicken stock. Mix them up and you’ll have a delicious treat you can serve on Thanksgiving and even freeze leftovers for another day of treating your Doxie.

Dachshund thanksgiving

Sweet Potato Casserole

It’s nice that you can prepare food for your Dachshund from the ingredients you already have on hand for holiday cooking. The sweet potato combined with bean puree would be a perfect KONG stuffing food, meal topper, and frozen treat base on Thanksgiving, and even a few days after.

Mini Pumpkin Pie Treats

We understand that Thanksgiving can cause great chaos in your kitchen. So, preparing a quick treat for your Dachshund is crucial. Thankfully, for the mini pumpkin pie treat, you can finish the whole process within minutes. What you need is olive oil, canned plain pumpkin, brown rice flour, oatmeal, and yogurt. Mix them all up and create your crust. Add the pumpkin. You can then add a dash of yogurt to make it look like it has whipped cream. Don’t forget to remind your guests and family that this treat is for your Doxie. Its look can be too tempting and appetizing, so they might think it’s for them.

Dachshund thanksgiving

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Everyone deserves a great time during Thanksgiving and that includes your Dachshund. Remember that not all food on your table would be suitable for your Doxie. With the DIY Thanksgiving meals listed on this post, I’m sure your four-legged friend would be more than thankful.

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