4 Ways You Can Help Cats in Need

How you can help cats in need

Cat Lovers Unite

If you’re a cat lover with some extra time on your hands and you feel the urge to help a cat in need, but don’t know where to start or what to do, then this article is for you! We will be sharing 4 ways you can help a local cat in need, hopefully resulting in a better quality of life for yourself AND some adorable cats.

#1. Volunteer Your Time to Local Shelters

A purrfect way to help kittens and cats in need is volunteering your time at a local animal shelter or cat rescue. These shelters are constantly looking for committed volunteers to help feed, socialize and care for the animals. At the same time, you can have lots of fun helping cats find their forever homes while getting lots of love and cuddles along the way!

Contact your local animal shelter to ask how your time can be used best.

4 ways you can help cats in need

#2. Don’t Have Time? That’s OK. You can Donate!

Animal shelters usually run under very tight budget restrictions, and could always use donations for their feline residents. These donations can range from food, litter, treats, blankets, and towels, etc. However, it’s probably your best bet to contact your local shelter directly to find out what they need most.

Remember, you don’t need to have a ton of money to donate, cat toys and supplies can be very inexpensive and a little can go a long way at a shelter.

4 ways you can help cats in need

#3. Become a Foster Parent

If you’re not quite ready to become a full-time cat parent yet but still want to help cats in need, the majority of shelters and rescue organizations are in need of short-term foster parents! This is a commitment that usually ranges from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Due to their age or health, some kittens need more attention than what the shelter can provide, making foster homes key to a happy and healthy start. Foster programs are usually based locally, so begin by contacting your local shelter.

4 ways you can help cats in need

#4. Add a Cat or Kitten to your Family for Life

What better way to help a cat in need than to give him or her a forever home? There are thousands of cats in shelters that need a home, so if you’re ready to become a cat parent this is the perfect time! Why wait? When you adopt from local shelters and rescue groups, you give a homeless animal a second chance that they wouldn’t have without you.

The Next Steps to Take

Find out how to best prepare for cat ownership by reading books, articles online, and asking other cat owners for advice. Reach out to local shelters, and find an adoptable cat in your area.

Have you ever volunteered at a cat shelter before, or adopted a cat of your own? Tell us your story in the comments below.