Celebrate Memorial Day 2021!

Celebrate memorial day 2021 with these alpha paw products

It’s Memorial Day 2021! Every year, Americans take the last day in May, May 31, to honor and pay tribute to our fallen heroes. Originally known as Decorations Day, it was the result of the Civil War and became an official holiday in 1971. This wonderful holiday is a reminder of the sacrifices that were made to pave the way for the current comforts of our lives.

As we take today to honor those who made the biggest sacrifices for our freedom, let’s not forget their four-legged sidekicks. Along with the men and women who died in military service, so did many furry military members. Here are two holidays that honor the dogs we loved and lost.

National K9 Veterans Day

May 31 is Memorial Day, a holiday honoring humans who served in the military. Likewise, National K9 Veterans Day, celebrated each year on March 13, is a holiday to honor the military dogs in our lives.

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National Pet Memorial Day

Additionally, National Pet Memorial Day, celebrated every year on September 13, honors pets who have passed on. This holiday pays tribute to our four-legged furry family members, whether they served in the military or not. It’s a bitter-sweet day that tugs at your heartstrings, but also gives us reason to soak ourselves in all the great memories of our dearly beloved pets.

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

With plenty of holidays for humans and pets this summer, many families will go on vacation. If you plan on bringing your dog, be sure to check out our list of top 10 Alpha Paw products to make traveling for your dog (and you) comfortable, happy, and fun!

Do you plan to do some traveling with your dog this summer? Share your travelings stories in the comments.


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