Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Why do dogs sleep so much

Does your dog sleep a lot?

If so, should you be concerned? How much sleep is too much for your four-legged and sometimes, furry friend? Well, it depends on what is causing your dog’s sleepiness.

We understand that your dog’s “excessive” sleeping might be a source of concern, especially when you know your dog breed is particular known for its energetic and lively animals.

Thus, in this post, let us take a look at some of the reasons why your dog might be sleeping a lot of times.

Why do dogs sleep so much

Natural tendencies

According to one estimate, dogs generally spend 20 percent of their day being active, 30 percent inactively awake, and 50 percent of the day sleeping. This is especially true with dog breeds whose ancestors normally sleep a lot because of the nature of their work in the past.

For example, Dachshunds are hunting dogs. They normally sleep when they don’t hunt to conserve energy. This natural tendency could still be seen in modern dachshunds today.

For dog owners, you can expect your four-legged friend to sleep as much as 12-14 hours a day. In human standards, that might be a lot, but if you check the dog’s biological makeup, this amount of sleep is completely natural for dogs. They would snooze as soon as they don’t see any meaningful activities for them to perform.

Why do dogs sleep so much


How old is your dog? Canines in both extreme ends of the age spectrum tend to sleep more. Puppies and old dogs sleep as much as 18 hours a day.

It is understandable for us to notice puppies sleep a lot. As they grow older and reach the apex of their strength, they would naturally become more active. However, when they reach ten years and beyond, they start to lose their vitality, strength, and stamina. Thus, it is understandable to see older dogs avoiding to exert much physical and mental effort as they used to.

Why do dogs sleep so much


Your dog feels comfortable when they are in a familiar place. You might have noticed that your dog sleeps a lot when he is at home, but if you bring him outside, he is mostly awake and active.

Moreover, an environment with more stimuli can keep your dog awake. For example, if you have visitors coming over, your dog would most likely avoid sleeping. Compare that if you are alone in your home with your dog.

Why do dogs sleep so much

Should you be concerned?

As a pet owner, you get an idea of what is normal sleep pattern and duration for your dog and what is not normal. For this reason, you should be concerned when there’s a dramatic change in your dog’s sleeping patterns.

Usually, a change in sleeping is accompanied by signs of illness. When you observe these signs, call your vet right away.

Sometimes, change in sleeping position may indicate back problems. If you know your dog loves to sleep on his back or curled up and suddenly stops doing that, then you need to get his back checked. So, why do dogs sleep so much?

Some of the best answers are found above. If you still need more details, speak to your vet today.


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