When Should I Drop Everything and Take my Dog to the Hospital?

When should i drop everything and take my dog to the hospital?

Recognizing a Dog Emergency is Always Stressful

As loving and responsible pet owners, the last thing we want to happen is not recognizing dog medical emergencies until it’s too late. However, there are also some pet owners who don’t want to take a chance and bring their dogs to their vets even in the wee hours.

Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry, right? But it is undeniable that knowing dog emergencies that warrant an immediate visit to the pet hospital would be useful. It won’t only save your dog during real emergencies, but it could also save you some stress, money, and perhaps, some sleep.

Thus, in this post, let us share with you some dog emergencies that should force you to drop everything and take your four-legged buddy to the hospital.

Here are some of the life-threatening signs and symptoms of a dog emergency that you should be alert of.

When should i drop everything and take my dog to the hospital?

Difficulty Breathing

This is the number one sign that you should bring your dog to your vet. Signs of difficulty in breathing include panting, gasping for air, inability to make sound, and face turning pale, and others. Remember that timing is crucial here. Even just 5 minutes of not being able to breathe, your dog may die or if he survives, may suffer brain damage.


    You can sense that your dog is still breathing, but he isn’t responding to your call. Even if you try to wake him up, he won’t open his eyes.

      Profound Weakness

      If your dog is awake and yet couldn’t get up, sit, stand or walk, it could be a sign of paralysis, problem with the spinal column, and infection.

        Uncontrollable Bleeding

        Profuse bleeding from any part of the body should raise a red flag. If bleeding does not stop even after you apply pressure or it has been prolonged bleeding, you need to go and see your vet right now. Your dog would be at risk of hypovolemic shock, which can easily lead to death.

        When should i drop everything and take my dog to the hospital?

          Major Injuries

          Did your dog fall from a great height? Was he run over by a vehicle? Did he have a fight with other animals? Did he sustain a big cut on the flesh? Whatever injuries that might put your dog’s life in danger, get him to the hospital right away.

            Profuse Vomiting and Diarrhea

            If your dog vomits and passes out watery stool once or twice a day, it’s not a serious case. However, if your dog has more than three episodes of vomiting and diarrhea and showing signs of dehydration such as dry mouth and eyes, call your vet.

              Not Eating or Drinking Water Within 24 hours

              Sick dogs don’t eat much. The problem is when they also don’t drink water. This may easily lead to deadly dehydration.

              When should i drop everything and take my dog to the hospital?

                Signs of Severe Pain

                Signs of agonizing pain such as profoundly limping, crying, panting, and vocalizing, should tell that something is wrong.

                  Exposure to Dog Poisons

                  Be sure to know the various plants, flowers, food, and animals that could be poisonous to your dog. You can call the poison control and center to learn more about this. If you think your dog is poisoned, don’t wait long for symptoms to appear or get worse.

                    Inability or Difficulty in Excreting Waste Products

                    Your dog needs to pee and poop. If after 24 hours and your dog hasn’t eliminated, it could be a sign of a digestive and excretory problem. The risk of systemic poisoning is great.

                      These are just some of the most common signs and symptoms you should watch out for. There are also others and we would like to mention them in passing:

                      • Seizure
                      • Fractured bones
                      • Choking
                      • Eye injury
                      • Extreme sign of anxiety
                      • Heat stress
                      • Non-productive retching
                      • Inability to move rear legs

                      When should i drop everything and take my dog to the hospital?

                      If you want to know more about dog emergencies, make sure you speak to your vet. If you are in doubt whether your dog needs immediate emergency, you can first call your vet and describe the situation your dog is in. The vet should be able to tell you to rush your dog to the hospital when necessary.