What To Do With A Teething Dog

What to do with a teething dog

You See Your Puppy Drooling

He also chews more than usual. He is pawing at his mouth. Not only that, but he sometimes leaves blood spots behind on the things he just chewed.

If you see this in your puppy, then he is more likely to be teething and this can be a painful and uncomfortable time for him. Thus, it is best that you know what to do when new teeth come out.

Here are a few tips to ensure your puppy feels as comfortable, happy, and healthy as possible after teething.

What to do with a teething dog

Provide Chewing Toys

Chewing is a great way to decrease the discomfort your puppy is experiencing during teething. That’s why, puppies are likely to chew on things such as your shoes, pillows, and furniture.

Chewing is okay especially during teething, but you just have to turn it into acceptable behavior. This is where chewing toys come in. With the right chewing toy, your dog can relieve the pain and stress he might be having due to teething.

What to do with a teething dog

Cold Therapy

Your dog’s gums may become swollen and painful due to the eruption of teeth. Like in humans, cold therapy can help in decreasing the pain and swelling of gums. However, it’s not that easy to apply cold or ice compress on your dog’s gums. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do.

There are commercial chewing toys for dogs that can be put inside your freezer and retain its coldness. When you give these toys to your dog, he will not only get comfort from the chewing action, but also from the coldness of the toy.

But, how about if you don’t have this kind of toy available? What you can do is use a clean towel. Soak the towel and twist it into a rope-like shape. Put it inside the freezer and let it sit there until it gets very cold. After a few hours, you can give that to your puppy and let him chew on it.

Just a word of caution though; make sure you teach your pooch that not every towel is used for biting. After teething, you should stop giving your towel as a chewing toy.

Some people recommend giving ice cubes to a teething puppy. While it could soothe your dog’s discomfort, avoid giving ice cubes in large quantities. Your dog’s thermoregulation system is still underdeveloped and he may suffer from extreme coldness.

What to do with a teething dog

Frozen Vegetables And Fruits

Another way to relieve your dog’s discomfort is by giving him cold vegetables and fruits. In particular, a carrot could be a good option. It will not only serve as a chewing material, but also a source of nutrients such as vitamin A and K, fiber, and potassium.

On the other hand, bananas and apples could be given, too. They help clean your puppy’s teeth as well as his digestive system.

Herbal Plants

Herbal plants such as chamomile and lavender have soothing properties that could calm your pup during his tough teething periods. Let it cool and pour some on your pet’s dry food.

What to do with a teething dog

Solving Your Puppy’s Teething Problem

The teething period of your puppy can be intense. It can last for one to three months as well. Thankfully, in most cases, teething does not pose significant problems to your pup.

If you have other concerns or you want to learn more about puppy teething, you can discuss this with your vet. You can also do extra reading and research to better understand what your puppy is going through. With more knowledge, you should be able to handle your puppy’s teething better.

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