Top Tips to Help your Dog’s Ears Stay Squeaky Clean!

Top tips to help your dog's ears stay squeaky clean

You Hear That? It’s Ear Cleaning Time!

Among the important aspects of dog grooming is ear cleaning. It helps in removing dirt from the ear and preventing infection. Ear cleaning ensures your dog’s hearing is kept in its top shape.

In this post, let us share with you some of the best tips on how to clean your dog’s ears so he can avoid infection and stay healthy.

Check Your Dog’s Behavior

One of the best indications that your dog is having an ear problem is when he scratches his ear too often. Nodding and shaking of the head could also indicate ear irritation. Moreover, if you smell a foul odor coming from his ear, then you should go ahead and check it.

These things may indicate an early sign of ear problems and may even be a manifestation of an existing infection.

Top tips to help your dog's ears stay squeaky clean

Prepare All the Equipment

You surely want to clean your dog’s ears quick and easy. So, before you start, prepare all the necessary items for ear cleaning.

Make sure to have these things at hand:

  1. Ear cleanser – not every cleanser suits your pooch. Find the best cleanser for your buddy, or better yet, ask your vet.
  2. Cotton balls – choose the softest and smoothest you can buy from the market. Cotton pad and swabs can be great substitutes.
  3. Towel – use this to help in wiping excess fluid or keeping the area clean.

Hold Firmly

You don’t want your pooch to mess up everything. Hence, order your dog to calm down. You can clean your dog’s ear when he is relaxed and comfortable.

With that, you may start by holding your dog’s ear firmly. 

This will avoid excessive shaking or nodding until you are done with the cleaning.

Keep in mind: Be gentle and careful. You can be firm, but not forceful.

Top tips to help your dog's ears stay squeaky clean

You Are Good to Go

If you feel that you and your pooch are comfortable already, then, you can start the process.

Drop some cleanser and make sure the tip of the bottle will not touch the ear to prevent bacteria from spreading. In most cases, cleanser comes with detailed instructions. If present, please follow the instructions accordingly.

Once the liquid is poured in, insert a cotton ball inside to prevent the solution from leaking out.

Massage Time!

Cleanser and cotton balls are already in your bud’s ear. 

Now, grasp behind the ear and gently massage the base of the ear canal. This massage action should break up wax and loosen other substances stuck down the ear.

If you are doing it correctly, you will hear or feel the liquid moving inside the ear canal. Afterward, remove the cotton ball and replace it with another one. Repeat the procedure of massaging until you the cotton ball comes out clean. 

Top tips to help your dog's ears stay squeaky clean

Repeat With the Other Ear

Cleaning your dog’s ears is fairly easy. It is fun to clean your pooch ear. But, do not get excited because you are not yet done. 

You need to do the same process to the other ear.

Don’t forget to wipe the outer ear with a dry towel to make sure everything is all clean and good to go.

Give Them Treats

After doing it with both ears, you are completely done! Your pet is ready to play again.

But, giving them treats after the session helps you earn their trust. 

Giving treats would also reinforce in their mind that ear cleaning is a pleasurable experience. It will also teach them that cleaning the ears is a safe and painless procedure. 

Top tips to help your dog's ears stay squeaky clean

Give Them a Gentle Touch

Cleaning your dog’s ear does not require special equipment nor studying DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Anyone can do it, but if you do, do it with gentleness, great care, and of course, love.

If in case you are still a bit hesitant to clean your dog’s ears or you aren’t confident enough to do it, by all means, call your vet. You should get practical advice and even tutorial from your vet once you have discussed the need for ear cleaning.