This Home Decoration Could Be Dangerous for your Cat

Salt lamps can be dangrous for your cat

A Home Decoration That Can Also be Dangerous for your Cat

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are attractive decorations. Many people believe that these lamps release negative ions into the air, promoting good health. Negative ions have been credited with increasing blood flow, improving sleep, and easing allergy or asthma symptoms.

However, Salt Lamps Should Probably not be Kept in Homes that Have Cats. Here’s Why:

Veterinarians warn that cats who come into contact with salt lamps could be poisoned by sodium. Cats have a taste for salt just like humans do, and once the cat has its first lick, they could find themselves addicted.

Cats that have sodium poisoning may show a variety of serious symptoms. These cats may experience pain, seizures, and also vomiting.  They may also often walk strangely, hold their heads in odd positions, and may not be able to control their tongues, which could limit their ability to eat and drink.

This home decoration could be dangerous for your cat

Seek Medical Care if you Notice These Symptoms

If you notice any of these strange symptoms, take your cat to an emergency vet right away. If the poisoning is caught in time, the vet will be able to give your cat an IV to correct its sodium and chloride levels.

It may take a few days for your cat to feel better and be able to go home. Vets remind cat owners that they should keep Himalayan salt lamps well out of the reach of their cats, if they feel it necessary to even keep it in the home.

This home decoration could be dangerous for your cat

Help Give Your Cat a Happy and Healthy Life

Make sure that your home is free of dangers like poisonous plants, falling furniture, and poisonous salt lamps. Your cat will live a longer and happier life, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that you have created a safe environment.

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