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Should Your Dog Wear Sunglasses In Summer?

Should your dog wear sunglasses in summer?

When Summer Comes Around, We Begin To Think About Beaches, Getaways, And Good Times.

We all want to look good, flaunting our summer outfits and fancy sunglasses. Best of all, this is the best time to bond with our furry friends!

Now, sunglasses are not just for humans, but they can also be for dogs and no doubt, we love watching those doggos rocking different styles of sunglasses! Who doesn’t?

However, you might wonder, should your dog wear sunglasses in summer? Could it be beneficial to them or it is just to make them look more adorable?

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss today. Read on to learn more.

Should your dog wear sunglasses in summer?

UV light and the eyes

The sun emits dangerous ultraviolet light or UV light. It is the same light that is responsible for causing tanning and sunburns. However, prolonged exposure to UV light causes damage to your tissues and that includes the eyes.

In dogs, UV lights can cause eye problems. For example, dogs who have prolonged exposure to UV light may develop pannus, otherwise known as chronic superficial keratitis. Pannus refers to the damage caused by UV light to the side of the cornea, which could lead to blindness if left untreated.

Dog Breeds

There are different factors that could affect the need for dog sunglasses. Dog breeds are a good example. Some dog breeds particularly need sunglasses to protect their eyes due to their facial structure.

Brachycephalic breeds have large and protruding eyeballs, which puts them at risk not only from the negative effects of UV radiation but also from other physical activities that might cause harm to their eyes.

If your furry friend is brachycephalic, it’s a must to buy a pair of dog sunglasses.

Should your dog wear sunglasses in summer?


Just because your dog is not brachycephalic doesn’t mean you don’t need dog sunglasses. As dogs get older, some of them may have certain eye conditions, blurred vision, or may even develop cataracts. These conditions make their eyes sensitive to sunlight.

In these cases, wearing dog sunglasses is beneficial as it can also help with their visual clarity.

Working Dogs

These unsung heroes need protection as well. All working dogs such as pointers, guard dogs, search, and rescue dogs are exposed to threatening conditions. Don’t forget to guard them as they guard you!

Should your dog wear sunglasses in summer?

Truth Be Told

We love seeing our furry friends strolling around in their fashionable sunglasses but arguably, it’s not a necessity in most cases.

Humans need sunglasses more than our dogs. Because we live longer, we are more exposed to UV light and the damage caused by UV light happens gradually over time. However, this is not the case in our dogs.

Of course, this does not mean you can’t choose sunglasses for your dog. Like what was mentioned earlier, there are instances when your dog needs sunglasses and it is a necessity. Not only that but even if your dog isn’t at risk of UV light damage, you can still let him sport some cute sunglasses. It won’t be just fun, but also safer for your dog!

When Choosing Sunglasses

Never let your beloved furry friend wear your usual human sunglasses. Dog sunglasses are specially designed to fit the shape of a dog’s face. Choose the ones that are formulated for dogs. It’s important to consult a veterinarian when choosing sunglasses.

Should your dog wear sunglasses in summer?

The Verdict

Now, let us answer our question for the day, “Should your dog wear sunglasses in summer?”

The answer is it depends. Sometimes, it is not necessary and sometimes, it is. That’s why it is important to get familiar with the factors mentioned above to determine whether you should let your dog wear sunglasses or not.

Of course, you always have the option to let your dog wear sunglasses. It will not only help your dog avoid eye damage but they will also look cool and cuddly basking in the summer sun!

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