Should I Neuter My Cat?

Cat neuter spay

It’s a common question for many cat owners.

After all, with thousands of cats being spayed or neutered every year, you might have thought about it. In fact, you might know of someone who spayed or neutered their cat already.

So, you are now thinking about this procedure. However, it’s a decision you shouldn’t rush into. You need to make certain considerations before you come into the conclusion whether you need to neuter or spay.

Here are a few things you need to know before you neuter or spay your cat.

What is Neutering or Spaying?

First, you need to understand what neutering or spaying is. In layman’s term, neutering refers to the sterilization of male cats while spaying is used to refer to the sterilization of female cats. However, in the strictest sense, neutering refers to both the sterilization of male and female cats.

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How do Neutering and Spaying Work?

Neutering and spaying is the procedure where the whole or only a part of the reproductive system is removed. In male cats, the testicles are commonly removed while in female cats, the ovaries are removed.

Benefits of Neutering and Spaying

Obviously, the number one reason people neuter or spay their cat is to prevent conception and birth. Most shelters and vets promote neutering and spaying to control the population of cats.

As you may know, there are millions of animals euthanized in shelters every year. A lot of irresponsible cat owners drop off their litters of kittens in shelters who eventually end up being euthanized if they are not adopted.

For most cat owners, neutering and spaying give a lot of benefits. For one, neutered and spayed cats enjoy longer life expectancy and better quality of life.

Cat neuter

Neutering and spaying control hormone. A neutered cat has a decreased level of testosterone. With less desire for mating, male cats exhibit calmer behavior. They stay indoors more often and there’s no need to go out looking for a mate.

If you neuter your cats, it lowers the chance of having unwanted litters, which can at times difficult to manage and give up for adoption.

Moreover, since cats stop mating, they reduce the likelihood of developing and spreading sexually transmitted infection. Not only that, but cats stop fighting each other for the right to mate. This leads to a more peaceful environment to your home and community.

Cat neuter

Why Shouldn’t You Neuter or Spay Your Cat?

If you want to have litters of cat or you are in the breeding business, then surely, neutering and spaying is not something you want to do.

Before you neuter or spay your cat, know how this can affect your cat.

Neutering and spaying are both generally safe procedures with little to no side effects. However, male cats are more likely to become obese when they are neutered. Obesity increases the chance of your cat developing diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary problems, and joint diseases.

If you ever neuter your cat, keep a close eye on their weight. Keep them active and play with them often so they burn calories and stay in shape.

Cat neuter

Making the Right Decision

You now have a better understanding of neutering and spaying. Consider the pros and cons of this procedure.

If you want to learn more, discuss neutering or spaying with your vet. Moreover, you can also talk to other cat owners and see what they can say about the procedure and whether they endorse it or not.

After having gathered as much information as possible, you will more likely make the right decision.