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Eww, My Cat is Peeing Everywhere!!!!

Why is my cat spraying everywhere he goes?

Why Is My Cat Spraying Everywhere He Goes?

You want to keep your area immaculately clean. However, with your cat spraying almost everywhere, it seems your job is getting tougher and tougher.

So, you had it. You want to stop your cat from spraying like a boss. However, to truly address this issue, you would need to first know the reason behind cat spraying.

In this post, let us take a deeper look at what causes spraying and what you can do about it.

Why is my cat spraying everywhere he goes

Is Your Cat Really Spraying?

Sometimes, you might mistakenly think that your cat is spraying, when in truth, he is urinating. A cat who is urinating usually squats and eliminates a larger amount on a flat surface. On the other hand, a cat who is spraying would tend to stand upright and eliminate only a small amount of urine on a vertical surface.

If it is unusual for your cat to pee outside the litterbox or a designated area, there might be a deeper problem. Cats who have urinary tract crystals or stones, kidney failure, arthritis, and diabetes would not be able to efficiently hold in their urine. So, they would most likely pee outside of the litterbox.

In this case, have a vet check your cat. Early detection plays a key role in the health of your feline friend.

Sometimes, it is the litterbox itself that is the problem. The litterbox could be too dirty, too small, or too far. So, it is best to check if it is the litterbox that’s causing the issue.

Now, if you are sure that your cat is indeed spraying, it is time to see what might be the cause.

Why is my cat spraying everywhere he goes

Marking of Territory

The main reason your cat is spraying is that he wants to mark his territory. It is a way for him to show other cats and animals that he has claimed the area and no one can take it away from him.

Hormonal Surge

Adult cats are the ones who will most likely do urine spraying. As they reach adulthood, typically nine to 12 months, they experience hormonal changes. The majority of cats who spray urine are males and those who have not been neutered.

Presence Of Other Cats

If there are stray cats who are going near your house, your cat may suddenly begin urine spraying. They may urinate near the doors, windows, fence, and gate. They may even defecate at times to really make a statement.

Stray cats are not the only ones who may trigger your pet’s urine spraying. If you bring new pets in the house or there’s an existing conflict among your pets, then your cat may feel the need to mark their territories.

Why is my cat spraying everywhere he goes

Change In Environment

Rearranging your couch, cabinets, and other furniture may lead to urine spraying. Moving to a new home can also have the same effect on your cat.


Another reason for a cat to spray urine is stress. There are various reasons cats become stressful. Like what was mentioned above, a change in environment could lead to stress, which in turn leads to urine spraying.

Anything that could interrupt the routine of your cat could cause stress.

Why is my cat spraying everywhere he goes

How To Stop Urine Spraying?

If you want to stop urine spraying, you would need to know the root cause. Remember the points in this blog and see which one best applies to your cat.

Depending on the cause, some of the solutions you can use to stop urine spraying include neutering your cat, determining the conflict, identifying the source of stress, keeping litterbox clean, keep your cat engaged, provide structure, and use positive reinforcement.

If you want to know more, you may want to speak to your vet. Minor behavioral problems may lead to serious issues in the future. Not only that, but urine can be very smelly and may stain furniture, floors, and walls.

So, best is to speak to someone who is an expert on this topic. You can also read more about it on the Internet and find specific solutions to your problem.

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