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How to Properly Groom Your Cat at Home

How to properly groom your cat at home

How to Properly Groom Your Cat at Home

Grooming a cat may sound like an easy job. In fact, anyone can groom a cat, but not everyone knows how to do it properly. There are certain principles that you should keep in mind. Your grooming session is more than just brushing, clipping, and cutting. There’s a huge difference when you know the effective way of grooming a cat compared to simply cleaning your feline friend randomly.

So, let us share with you some principles to keep in mind when grooming your precious cat. Here we go!

How to properly groom your cat at home

Timing Is Crucial

Cats are generally easy-going and laid back pets. They don’t like to stress themselves out. Thus, you need the right time when cleaning your cat. It is recommended that you do your grooming when your cat is relaxed. Perhaps, do it after a meal or when your cat is resting.

It would also be a good idea to be consistent in your grooming. Make a schedule and stick to it. If you do it in the morning, then always do it in the morning. This way, your cat would have an idea of what to expect and when to expect it.

Make sure to keep your first session short and sweet. 10-15 minutes would be ideal. This helps your cat to get used to grooming. You can eventually have longer grooming time as your cat feels more comfortable. Be sure to make your cat be used to being handled. A cat that is being cuddled often would be more ready for a grooming session compared to an aloof cat.

How to properly groom your cat at home

Properly Brushing Your Cat’s Hair

When your cat’s hair is short, brushing once a week should be enough. However, you should brush your cat’s hair every day if it is long.

When brushing from head to tail, use a metal comb. To remove loose and dead hair, a rubber brush and bristle are recommended. Be sure to be gentle when brushing your cat’s belly and chest area.

How to properly groom your cat at home

Bath Time

Most cats don’t want to get a bath. If your cat seems to fight back or struggle, having someone assisting you would be a good idea. Bathing is a perfect way to get rid of smelly, greasy, and oily cat’s coat. Be sure to use a shampoo that is specially made for cats.

It is best to brush your cat first before putting her in the tub or sink. Be more particular in removing dead and loose hair. Next, use lukewarm water. Three to four inches of water should be enough for your cat if you are using the tub or sink. You can use a spray hose or pitcher to wet your pet. Don’t pour or spray water directly to her eyes, nose, or ears. Pour a generous amount of shampoo on your cat’s fur and massage her with it. Work from head to tail and be systematic so you won’t miss any spot. After thoroughly shampooing, rinse your cat and pat dry with a clean towel.

How to properly groom your cat at home

Be Careful When Clipping

Another struggle for cat owners is nail clipping. Especially when you do it for the first time, the feeling of having a clipper against their nail may feel foreign to them. This may startle your cat and scratch you unintentionally or hurt herself instead.

You can prepare your cat a few days before by constantly touching her paws. You can rub your hand up and down your cat’s legs and then gently massage or press each toe. If your cat resists, give her treats as a reward every time she cooperates.

Some pointers to remember when clipping your cat’s nails. Be sure to use high-quality cat nail scissors. Only clip the white tip of your cat’s nail. Don’t go beyond the point where the nail starts to curl. The pink area of your cat’s nail is rich in blood vessels. Avoid this part at all cost. If in case the nail starts to bleed, apply styptic powder to encourage blood clotting and healing. The best way to ensure you know proper clipping technique is by consulting your vet.

How to properly groom your cat at home

A Clean Cat Is A Happy Cat

I believe the most important thing you need to remember as you groom your cat is to have fun. Don’t look at grooming as a chore that you are forced to do. Think of it as the perfect bonding time with your fur baby. Make it fun for both you by talking to your cat or giving her a treat after the grooming session. After all, it is not just a clean cat that you want – you also want a healthy and happy cat!

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