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Hair Color and Nailpolish on My Dog: Yes or No?


Hair color and nailpolish on my dog: yes or no?

Disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and the views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the original authors and other contributors and do not necessarily represent those of PAWRAMP and their affiliates. Ultimately, we hope that with this article and further research, you are able to learn more about your fur baby and always do what is best for you, your human family and fur family!

You have seen it in the park. You have seen it in the mall. You most likely have seen it on social media – dogs whose hair has been colored and nails that have been painted.

You may have liked the idea. You also want to have fun with your pooch and add color to his coat. However, there are just some big questions at the back of your mind:

Is it safe?

Is it okay to color your dog’s hair?

Is it okay to use nail polish on your dog?

Discover the answer to these questions below.

Read on to learn more!

Hair color and nailpolish on my dog: yes or no?

Use Appropriate Hair Dye

Dogs love to lick their fur. So, it is a must that the hair dye you use should be safe for dogs. Regular human hair dye is not safe for dogs. They contain harmful substances that are okay for humans, but not for canines.

Safety Tips

Do not let your dog lick the dye or even let the dye touches your pup’s nose, mouth and eyes. Even if it is labeled pet-friendly, you should not let your dog lick the dye.

If the dye gets into the eyes of your dog, immediately wash it in running water. If the eyes or mouth get irritated after a few washing, bring your pup to the nearest vet.

If the dog starts to itch during the application of the dye, stop it immediately and bring him to a veterinarian. He may be allergic to the dye even if it is designed for canines.

Want to see how cool hair dye can be on a dog? Check out this adorable Poodle named Sushi on Instagram!

Hair color and nailpolish on my dog: yes or no?

Nail Polish

Now, let’s get to the nail polish.

The internet is showing off tons of pets with different amazing nail art and matched nail polish with their pet-parents.

So, you want to get into the trend and try dog nail polish yourself? Is it safe to do so? Incredibly the answer is yes!

However, before you do anything, read these tips first for polishing your dog’s nails.

Use Specific Nail Polish

Color Paw and Warren London’s Pedicure is a blooming brand known for making a pet-friendly polish. Their water-based products dry quickly.

There are also other quick-drying pet-safe polish products you might want to consider. These include Pawlish and Puppy Nail Polish. They are all specifically designed for polishing a dog’s nails.

Safety Tips

Before applying nail polish, ensure that your dog’s nails, pads, and paws are healthy and are in good shape. Check for cracks, wounds, or any open sores. If these are present, better not to continue. The nail polish or polish remover might irritate your dog’s skin and may lead to infection.

When applying nail polish, make sure that your dog does not lick or bite his nails until it gets dry. If you see your dog licking or biting his nails after painting his nails, remove the polish.

Dog’s Nail polish usually chips off after 2-3 weeks. But you can remove it anytime using a pet-safe polish remover.

Moreover, you might also want to consider your dog’s feelings. If your dog pulls away while you paint his nails, have seen might be telling you something. It could be that he does not want to put on the nail polish or is threaten by it.

Some canines might not like someone holding their paws. You might as well respect this and not continue with using the nail polish.

When choosing a nail polish, better stick with a nail polish made for dogs. Human nail polish comes with harmful chemicals. Among the most dangerous chemicals harmful to your dog include Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde.

Hair color and nailpolish on my dog: yes or no?

Final Words

Loving and caring pet owners would all agree that your dog’s health and safety are of top priority. While it is fun to color your dog’s fur and nails, you shouldn’t do it if it means harming your pooch.

If you are in doubt about any procedure of coloring your dog, you might want to gather more information before you proceed. Speak to your vet, read articles about this trend, or ask around. The more details you have, the more informed your decision will be.

Finally, you can simply bring your dog to a grooming salon. It will not only save you some trouble but also stress and time. Dog grooming professionals are experts when it comes to coloring your dog’s hair and polishing his nails. Thus, you can have the peace of mind that you are doing something safe for your mutt.

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