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Located in beautiful Highland County Virginia, the Highland County Humane Society is dedicated to promoting health, safety, welfare, compassionate care and protection of animals through a cooperative engagement with Highland County, its citizens, and other like-minded animal welfare groups.We are a group of dedicated volunteers and foster homes taking unwanted animals from the public, Highland County pound and neighboring animal shelters in Bath, Augusta, Rockingham, Page, Pendleton and Pocahontas. HCHS has no physical building but has no boundaries. Our group consists of animal lovers and each of us believes that every animal deserves a loving home. Since forming in July 2012 HCHS has taken in over 850 dogs and cats.HCHS is a recognized 501c3 organization and is completely funded through donations, private and corporate sponsors, adoption fees and fund raising events. Your tax deductible donation provides day to day care, veterinary services, food and shelter for the animals under our protection.

Monterey, VA,24465
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Reese - $14 adoption fee

Hound | Richwood, WV

Age : 4 Years 2 MonthsYoungMaleLargeBlack with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut



eagerToPlease playsToys

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Meet Reese - $14 adoption fee

Greetings friends! My name is Reese and I'm here today to talk to you about investing. Now, I bet you're thinking, "What could a dog possibly know about investments?". Well, I know that if someone wants a great dog they have to invest time, and sometimes even money, to train it. I am already a great dog! I know to go potty when I'm outside. I know how to play very nicely with other dogs and to share toys, I know that I don't need to guard my food from people or other dogs and when my foster mom takes me walking, I do a really good job at quickly moving off the road and up to the fenceline then standing still until the car passes when she tells me to. Another thing I know is that when you invest in something you expect to get a return. I will give you unconditional love every day and for as long as I live! No offense, but you humans aren't very good at that so that makes the love I'm offering you extremely rare. Rare things are usually valuable. You see how this is starting to add up to a win-win? Bonus points because I'm skilled at snuggling. But here's the kicker--i have a fantastic plan to make you rich! If you'd see how happy I get when given a plush squeaky toy, and how fast I can disembowel one, you'd buy stock in the dog toy companies because I promise you I can keep them in business! So what do you say, how about adopting me and we can enrich each other's lives?! I am quiet and well-behaved in the house. I love to play but also enjoy keeping a spot warm for you on the couch. I'm not sure I like cows all that well so hopefully you don't have one of those. They bark funny anyway. To adopt me, contact the good folks at the Highland County Humane Society and tell them you're interested in their esteemed financial advisor, Reesey Peasey (that's what my foster mom calls me), CCIA (that stands for Certified Canine Investment Advisor...I just made that up but it sounds legit, no?) Reese is neutered, and vaccinated for dhlpp, bordetella, and rabies. He has a 4DX heartworm test and microchip with lifetime registration. Reese in on monthly parasite prevenatives. Also included in the adoption are 30 days of Pet First Pet Insurance, and Petco's Free Welcome to the Family Program. This program supports All New Pet Parents and offers Free resources, more than $650 in savings, and 24/7 support. Apply online: https://www.highlandcountyhumanesociety.org/available-animals/ To contact us, please send an email or FB message to: Email: [email protected] FaceBook: www.facebook.com/HighlandHumane Website: www.highlandcountyhumanesociety.org  

Adoption Process
Online application, volunteer committee to review app, meeting adopters once approved, cats $25 to 100 dogs $175-200, adoption specials, BOGO, free barn cat adoption program

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