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ARF was organized to rescue and transport pets from the county shelter in order to decrease euthanasia rates. Through the years, ARF has been able to help additional pets that the shelter either wouldn't accept or didn't have room to house. ARF does posting and transport for both organizations.

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Mary Jane

Border Collie | Clay County, WV

AdultFemaleMediumWhite with Black


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Activity Level

Moderately Active

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Others DogsCatsChildren

Adoption Fees

$$125 for local residents

Meet Mary Jane

Mary Jane, a border collie mix about six years old, was surrendered to ARF under sad circumstances.  Her owners were a responsible, pet-savvy couple who took excellent care of their pets. They adopted Mary Jane in 2019 from the local animal shelter, where she was spayed prior to adoption. Her pet parents continued regular vet visits and gave their pets lots of exercise and attention on the farm. Sadly, the husband suddenly passed away, after which the wife fell victim to dementia.  Afraid something bad would happen to her pets, she didn't allow them outside for several months. Without exercise, the two dogs put on a lot of weight. Mary Jane weighed 65 pounds at her recent vet visit, but 50 pounds would be a good weight for her.  (She is being fed weight management food presently.) She was something of a "drama queen" at her vet visit, screaming when her nails were clipped, and yet Mary Jane allowed the staff to do whatever they needed with her. The vet noticed Mary Jane has a little underbite, which just makes her cuter! She is up-to-date on all vaccines and ARF has the paperwork needed to transfer her microchip upon adoption. Mary Jane is a friendly girl who will load herself in the car, ride well, and walk well on a leash.  She loves adventure and the outdoors. She knows what it is like to have a wonderful home and family and yearns for what she has lost! The other dog from this household has been adopted, so Mary Jane is alone with nothing or nobody familiar to her. If you are looking for a dog that is through the puppy chewing stage, a dog who just wants love and companionship, Mary Jane would love to join your family! She'd like a big fenced yard so she can enjoy the outside, but she especially wants attention, petting, time, and love from her people! Who has the perfect place for this sweet dog?

Adoption Process
Application, references, vet checks, adoption contract, fees dependent on vetting costs

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