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Paws and Claws Animal Adoption and Care Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created for the welfare of homeless cats and dogs. Our priority is to facilitate the adoption and care of stray, abandoned, abused or surrendered animals. We will work diligently to place the animals into permanent, loving homes. In the interim, Paws and Claws will provide the animals with clean, safe surroundings and assure they receive veterinary care, proper nourishment, training, rehabilitation and plenty of love, companionship and attention.

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Poodle (Standard) | Randolph, UT

Age : 8 MonthsYoungMaleMediumBlack




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Adoption Process
ADOPTION PROCESS Adoption Applicant Requirements Include: „X Must be 18 years of age or older „X Must provide a valid driver¡¦s license or identification „X Must reside in the home where the animal will be placed „X Application must be filled out by the adopter; no one is allowed to complete the application on behalf of a potential adopter. „X If the applicant rents a home, Landlord information will be required including a statement from the Landlord agreeing to allow pets. When the adopter has selected the pet they wish to adopt, they will fill out an Adoption Questionnaire. The questionnaire will provide information about their past experience with pets, the type of pet they are looking for and also their expectations of the new pet. The purpose of the questionnaire is not to exclude them from adopting. It is simply a tool that helps the Center match people with a pet that would best fit their lifestyle and expectations. Before an adoption can be approved, the following is required: „X Applicant has spent time to get acquainted with the animal they are interested in „X Applicant has been interviewed by a Paws and Claws volunteer „X All family members and/or roommates must meet the animal „X If there are other animals in the home, an introduction will be needed to assure the animals compatibility and documentation that the other animals are current on vaccinations and spayed or neutered „X A home check may or not be required; each adoption will vary due to the needs of the particular animal. If a home check is required, a convenient time for all parties will be set. FINALIZING THE ADOPTION „X Review the contract with the adopter. Discuss each item in the contract and ask the adopter to initial each one. „X Review Paws and Claws return policy. „X Review the animal¡¦s medical information. „X Scan the animal to assure that the microchip information is correct. „X Obtain the Adoption Donation. „X Explain Paws and Claws follow-up procedure. „X Have the adopter sign and date the adoption agreement. The Paws and Claws volunteer coordinating the adoption must sign as well. „X Give the adopter a copy of the adoption agreement and the animal¡¦s medical records. FOLLOW-UP PROCEDURE Adopters do not always call the Center when they experience a problem; therefore, it is important to follow-up after the adoption to assure problems are addressed in a timely manner. Good follow-up helps lower the return rate and maintains a successful adoption relationship. Adoption follow-up contacts via telephone or e-mail will be done: „X Three days after the adoption, „X Three weeks after the adoption, and „X Three months after the adoption. Some important questions to ask include: „X How is the animal settling into the new routine and home? „X Are there any behavioral issues that we can assist with? „X Has the animals name been changed? „X How are the other pets in the home adjusting to the newest member of the family? All information received from the adopter will be recorded in the animal¡¦s file. RETURN POLICY No matter how careful the Center will be in attempting to match the right pet with the right family, there will be occasions where animals are returned to the Center. Adoption Donations are not refundable Adoption Donation of $80 for dogs, $50 for cats, $100 for puppies, and $75 for kitties is requested.

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