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Bert & Ernie

Hound | Oconee County, SC

BabyMaleMediumRed/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with Black



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Meet Bert & Ernie

Possibly hound mix puppies but unsure of breed. The two boy pups are not through the rescue, but we are a temporary home for them. They were found on the side of 178 eating old road kill. They very quickly adapted to people, one by one (there were 3 - 1 was adopted) once they realized we give them food and they don't even have to work for it! When we first brought them in they were terrified of people. Not anymore! They really are sweet brothers but our intention was to find a dog rescue, since we are tapped out on funds in a major way. We did get them their first shot. We believe they may be 5-6 months old. They do need their rabies vaccine. They are high energy at first but then calm down. They are particularly fond of the female human of the house. They cannot go to a home with poultry running loose. They have already killed 2 chickens and put a major wound on one of the geese. They have caught a goose multiple times but usually we could stop them before damage was done. They are really fast. They need to be able to run around and I can't let them do that because they are faster than I am and have caught birds right in front of me. We also have 6 grown dogs in our home, which is not suitable for the puppies so we are praying we can find a home or a rescue for them. There is no adoption fee. We just want them to go to someone that we know will follow through with all of their vaccines and neutering.

Adoption Process
We have an adoption application. Upon approval, adopters will be able to have a home trial and then decide if the pet is the one for them. If so, there is a $100 adoption fee and an adoption contract.

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