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Ingrid is a precious soul that has found herself to be the brunt of dog bullying within her breeder group of dogs.   This pure Norwegian Elkhound girl is the most beautiful girl that at the age of 7 in May, is having to be isolated from the breeder dogs that want to hurt her.   She has been a part of a breeding pack that got out of hand and Critter Cavalry Rescue is taking many of the dogs off the property as fast as we can to insure that they get vetted and go to great homes.   Ingrid is so in need of love from a family that she is not getting now.  She is just one of over 100 dogs and she is not welcomed by her own breed of dogs and there is only one woman who owns the dogs as a breeder.  We know that she is presenting herself to be pretty in these pictures right now.  She needs a bath and a grooming because she is molting.   We just are helping so many of these dogs and do not have the foster homes available nor the grooming facilities available to get them all in at the same time.   Just imagine this girl all spiffy and brushed and bathed.  We will do that as soon as we can find a foster or an adopter.  This girl is 45 pounds and exudes pure sweet love.   If you know the breed you will know that they are loyal, smart, kind, gentle and lovely dogs to live with.  They are good with children despite the breed write up….and they are NOT prey oriented except with ELK ….or BEARS…. Big wildlife.  We have found these breeder’s dogs to be good with cats and other small dogs.   Good natured dogs and we commend this lady on having such good breeding stock.  It just got out of hand.  We would like Ingrid to not be bullied ANYMORE…. Can you give her that unconditional environment and home!?    Please email us at [email protected]   Please mention where you live….city and state! PLEASE NOTE:   Our dogs and cats are fostered in Tennessee and can transport weekly up to the Northeast region.  Request an application and learn more about Critter Cavalry at

Adoption Process
All potential adoptors must complete the application request form on any dog. Before placing a dog with an adoptor Critter Companion conducts a vet check to ensure proper health, gets the dog up to date on all shots and neuters the dog.

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