Burlington County Animal Alliance

Burlington County Animal Alliance is a private, independent, 501(3)(c) nonprofit animal advocacy group, that was founded in 1999 by Lorraine Schrieber and Barb Giano who have a love for animals. To date, we have around 60 members of BCAA. We focus primarily on rescue and adoption of shelter dogs and cats in high kill shelters and surrounding areas in New Jersey. Our main focus is to make the public aware of the numbers of homeless dogs and cats there are in shelters and to promote adoption of these animals. We advocate spaying and neutering of all companion animals to counteract the overpopulation of dogs and cats and to end the tragedy of euthanizing healthy, unwanted companion pets.

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Meet Atreyu

Atreyu, who we affectionately call Trey, lives up to his warrior name in so many ways.  He’s 2 years old, 24 pounds, housebroken, crate trained and has a stop on a dime recall.  The Maltese in him makes for a very cuddly once in a lifetime heart dog while the Frenchie side makes Trey wildly silly, with bully needs and a whole lot to say about EVERYTHING! He loves the company of other dogs even though Trey has no idea what he is doing when it comes to play.  He loves to run zoomies alongside other dogs, cuddles and tug!  Trey leans hard into his bully nature with conflict.  While this is not a bad thing, he will need someone who is willing to play structured tug with him to get out his instinctual needs.  Just like a baker needs to pound dough, Trey needs big tough toys he can shake, hold high in the air in celebration and someone who will play the game with him.   Doesn’t he sound perfect?  So why is he special needs?  Trey has some unfortunate injuries that are exacerbated by poor nutrition during development.  Both of his front legs are severely malformed and due to an impact fracture, his growth plates were forced closed sooner than they should have.  Trey also has hip dysplasia in both back legs.  His wonderful vet has cleared him for adoption saying “he is who he is”.  The goal is arthritis prevention.  With supplements, a daily prescription medication and 6 month injection, Trey runs around our yard keeping up with everyone else.  He loves to chase a tennis ball, but not always the best at bringing it back, Trey just wants you to cheer him on for catching it!  Most of all, Trey is a lover.  He is happiest stretched across your lap getting chest and belly rubs.  For the right person, he will lean into cheek rubs, ear scratches and an occasional kiss.  Trey is very stingy with his kisses, but once you are in his inner circle, you just might get a smooch!  

Adoption Process
$100. Cats & kittens $450 for Dogs/puppies one year or younger

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