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For the Love of Dog rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes rottweilers in the northeastern US. Established in 2004, we have rehomed more than 1200 dogs. For the Love of Dog - Rottweiler Rescue of New Hampshire is a New Hampshire corporation and a registered charity in New Hampshire operating under the federal tax exempt status of 501c3. The organization is also a licensed animal shelter in the state of New Hampshire, a good-standing member of the Mayor's Alliance of New York City and the Animal Rescue Network of New England.

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Rottweiler | New Durham, NH

Age : 3 YearsAdultFemaleX-LargeBlack with Tan, Yellow or Fawn



affectionate cratetrained eagerToPlease escapes fetches gentle intelligent noHeat obedient olderKidsOnly playful playsToys skittish timid



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Meet Olivia

Olivia, one of our Ohio Five puppy mill dogs is doing great in her foster home. Despite her start being used solely for commercial breeding and not having any experience with being in a home or knowing the love of a family she is ready for a forever home to call her own! Olivia is g gorgeous, mischievous, funny, going through puppyhood and adolescence at same time, making up for lost time as a puppy mill mama. Curious, playful, learning to trust. Here is what her foster says: Olivia is totally embracing her inner puppy, discovering the fun of squeaky toys--she is exuberant with playing, and wanting to do it as often as possible. Her latest hobbies are: “singing”, “gardening”, toad hunting, grass rolling and pouncing on things like a bucking bronco. She enjoys pulling things out of the laundry hamper and loves running off with socks that fall out of the dryer. She is learning “leave it” or “no” and is pretty good about complying. She is so good at responding to her name when called! She will come running from the other end of the house towards me, do a sit and lean and get her chest rub. She thrives on praise and connection over treats. She sleeps well inside her crate and is housebroken. We didn’t get much of the thunderstorm last night, but the few rumbles and booms that we did hear didn’t seem to unsettle her very much. View bonus videos and photos here:

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