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We are a small, local, breed-specific non-profit rescue. We rescue abused/abandoned/neglected German Shepherd dogs, rehabilitate them and place them in permanent homes. We do not have a facility: dogs are housed in approved foster homes until they find their permanent home.

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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler | Yutan, NE

Age : 3 Years 11 MonthsFemale


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Meet Maggie

If you’ve been searching for a sweet, loyal, well-socialized, and playful pup then look no further! Miss Maggie is looking for a fur-ever home where she can snuggle with her humans, play with all the toys, and get lots of belly rubs. While staying with her foster family, Maggie has become well acclimated to playing with other dogs, staying home while the humans work, and navigating a relationship with older children. Maggie is shy in new environments and with new people. Slow introductions to strangers, kids, new places, and new pets would set Maggie up for a successful integration to her new home. Some of Maggie’s favorite things are toys and treats. Miss Maggie is content to stay at home and chill with her humans! She spends most of her days playing with her foster siblings and pretending to be her human’s shadow. She’ll do anything for treats—just ask her to sit or lay down and she’ll earn one quickly! Some of Maggie’s least favorite things are kennels and car rides. Because kennels make her anxious and have made her a great escape artist, Maggie’s foster family let her roam the house free while they worked during the day. Aside from the occasional puppy potty accident, Maggie did great while home alone outside the kennel. While transitioning to a new home, Maggie might feel a little anxious and have a few potty accidents at first. With time and patience, she will no doubt learn to communicate her potty needs to her new humans. When first arriving to her foster home, Maggie was too nervous to even be outside by herself. With time, patience, and bonding, Maggie is now confident enough to bolt out the door for play and potty time all by herself! It will likely take some time to get her back to that confidence in a new home, but she will thrive with the right humans to love her. Because of this, Maggie would do best with someone who can spend a lot of time with her during the day. Walking Maggie will be a breeze. As long as her humans are with her, she’s happy as can be! She doesn’t pull on leashes, and is not dog reactive while out and about. There are no cats in Maggie's current foster home, however, the original finder told us Maggie was good with her cats. Maggie originally tested heartworm positive when she arrived. She has been treated, and is in the final phase of recovery. She currently takes one or two doses of Trazodone per day. This is to help tame her playfulness and let her body rest. After her recovery, she may not need it at all until it’s time for a car ride or new experience. Maggie's foster mom tells us she's a really good girl who "doesn’t have any terrible habits that need fixed. She might occasionally growl at her foster siblings if they try to take her toy, but she learns quickly with consistent redirection. Her and her two foster siblings share a water dish and eat in close proximity, and she’s never complained. Because Maggie is still young, she may occasionally play a little rough or “mouth” while playing (little Cattle Dogs do, sometimes), but she’s never bit or nipped anyone and the mouthing can be easily redirected. Maggie truly is the sweetest, most loyal companion!". Maggie needs a family who will be patient and consistent with her, with a dog buddy to help teach her the ropes. She loves her humans with all her heart and deserves the same in return. Let’s get Miss Maggie into her fur-ever home! Maggie's adoption fee is $350, all of which goes back into offseting our high-cost vetting expenses and rescuing more dogs.  We are a 100% volunteer-run rescue group and rely on adoption fees and donations to continue saving lives. Adoption fees include spay/neuter, current on age-appropriate vaccinations, fecal, deworming, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, heartworm tested if old enough (and treated if positive), and microchipped. Please visit http://heartlandgsrescue.rescuegroups.org/info/adoption for more information about our adoption process and requirements, and to apply. Like all Australian Cattle Dogs, GSDs, and other herding breeds that we have in rescue, Maggie will need training, consistency, boundaries, activity and socialization, in order to be a well-balanced, well-behaved dog. This sweet girl would make a great addition to an active home that will provide the love, structure, good leadership, activity and mental stimulation that she needs. Because of that, Maggie's ideal owner will have prior Australian Cattle Dog, GSD, or other similar breed experience, and a friendly resident dog to help show her the ropes. Even if you exercise and play with your dog daily in your fenced yard, please remember that you MUST still take your dog out on daily walks and outings, in order to provide sufficient stimulation, ward off boredom, and work on leash skills and manners.

Adoption Process
Application process includes 3 unrelated personal references, a vet check, and a home visit. Applicants are matched up to a dog that matches their living situation and skill level. Adoption contract is signed after successful meet and greet. Adoption fees range from $250-450 depending on the dog's age.

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