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We are a foster-based organization located in Omaha, NE. Our mission is to ensure all English Bulldogs are content and safe in an educated, loving home. Our goals include:*Rescuing animals from homeless situations**Placing animals in secure adoptive homes**Providing assistance with training and medical needs to keep bulldogs in loving, safe homes**Sustaining a pet food bank for pets in need*​

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English Bulldog | Tekamah, NE

AdultMaleLargeWhite with Tan, Yellow or Fawn




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Meet Harvey

Where do we even start with Harvey’s story? How about where it all began: out in rural Nebraska where he was found wandering late last summer. The beautiful people who found him couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him there, looking so very sad (see one of his very first pictures with them on the left). Though they already had four dogs, they knew he desperately needed help. Tincture of time, some trips to the vet (no chip), TLC and good food bring you to the Harvey in January (top right). When they initially reached out to us, they were unsure if he was deaf or just had tight canals from untreated infections. They mentioned he seemed to be blind in one eye (it has a sunken appearance) and the vet wondered if the damage had been caused by a beating. They got him from emaciated stray to the 60lb comfy as a clam pup you see in the final picture in his foster home. Harvey resource guards his food; we can’t fault him for that given how VERY skinny he was. Harvey recently began having seizures. His initial bloodwork at there vet looked ok but we have a lot of work to do with PAH to see if we can narrow down the root cause: head trauma? Lab abnormality? Epilepsy? More to come as he settles in with experienced fosters and meets the team at Papillion Animal Hospital. For now, we are grateful to the dog lovers who found him, nourished his belly and his spirits and then directed him to The Good Life!3/13/24: Harvey is the sweetest gentleman that just wants to hang out. He is more than content making sure furniture doesn't run away. Hes an older guy who is just content relaxing with people or enjoying a nice calm hang. He enjoys walks or wandering the back yard to get fresh air and all the smells. He is by far the most mild mannered bully I have ever come across. Never worked up and just doesnt care. However, you get a big energy perk the moment he sees you grab his food bowl or hears the bag open. Just fine with all dogs and animals, usually just ignores them and finds his comfy spot.

Adoption Process Adoption fees are based on age, health, and ongoing needs of the dog.

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