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We are a German Shepherd Rescue. We work with German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes.

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German Shepherd Dog | Washington County, MD

Age : 3 Years 11 MonthsAdultFemaleLargeBlack with Tan, Yellow or Fawn




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Meet Libby

DESCRIPTION: Animal control officers were asked to do a welfare check on a set of dogs in the south. When they arrived, they found three dogs living in deplorable conditions on tie-outs outside in the elements. All three dogs were extremely emaciated, covered in filth, heartworm positive and in need of immediate care. Due to the condition of the dogs, all three were confiscated instantly and brought into a shelter. Upon their arrival, staff members at the shelter began working with the dogs to tend to their most critical needs. However, they knew that these dogs would need a lot of help to move forward. Due to overwhelming numbers of dogs in need, all three dogs found themselves on the list to be euthanized as soon as their case was cleared. Another rescue was able to pull two of the dogs. However, lovely Libby was left without many options. Fortunately, our team learned of Libby's plight just hours before she was scheduled to cross and was able to move her to the safety of the MAGSR family.   Libby is one special little lady. Although scared and unsure in the overcrowded shelter environment, Libby did well with a gentle hand, some extra patience, and plenty of treats. When out of her run and away from the chaos of the shelter environment, staff members noted that Libby has a calm demeanor and independence that make her a unique and endearing companion. Although Libby likes some time and space to herself, she is equally interested in interacting with her human companions. Libby can be shy and timid when first meeting new people, but when given the opportunity to develop trust, her loyalty knows no bounds. When around other dogs at the shelter, Libby maintained her polite composure and gentle interest. Before introducing her to any new furry companions, we have been giving Libby time to rest and heal with an incredible foster family. This has given her the opportunity to learn all about warm baths, good family, comfortable beds, and the routine of living in a home. We have promised Libby that we will make sure her forever family fills her world with endless days of comfort.  Although she has been working toward recovery, when Libby first arrived in our care she was severely emaciated, filled with worms, suffering from a bad upper respiratory infection, and dealing with untreated heartworms. Since her arrival, our team has been working hard to make sure that Libby receives the attention and care she deserves to move forward in safety and comfort. Although Libby's medical care is expensive, we know she is more than worth the cost. Please consider donating to Libby's continued medical care. Not only will your donation help Libby continue to move forward, but it will also help us continue to welcome dogs with medical needs into the MAGSR family. When ready, Libby will be looking for a patient and loving forever family that will cherish her for a lifetime. Could that be with you? 

Adoption Process
We perform reference checks and conduct a home visit. For the home visit, all members of the family must be present. Adoption fee is $250.00 (verify at www.magsr.org)

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