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I, Ninna Lopez, have been in rescue since 2007, managing a large no-kill shelter before starting Ninna's Road to Rescue in 2012. We have rescued and rehomed 1000's of animals. Our facility is climate controlled and the animals stay indoors at night in specially designed doggy rooms. They have access to the outdoors during the day in a large fenced in area. It's a little bit of paradise for the dogs until they find their furever home.

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Schnauzer | De Soto Parish, LA

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Hospice adoption…  YouTube video link: BEFORE PICTURES – you have to look!:   FOR ADOPTION!   Note:  Only those with a responsible dog ownership history and excellent vet reference need apply. (For more pics, visit or INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLY: PLEASE read profile thoroughly BEFORE applying: DOG APPLICATION LINK: Vera (female) Intake date:   11/29/2023 Schnauzer/Poodle mix Approx 8 years old 19.10 pounds Adoption fee:  $waived – hospice adoption   Good with other dogs:  yes Cats:  unknown, but probably does fine Vetting:  Spayed (had Pyometra – infection of the uterus, cleared now that she’s spayed); dental; up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm and fecal negative, skin scrape (to be certain she had no mites) – negative; several x-rays done due to lung condition; specialist called in to do echocardiogram (diagnosed – pulmonary hypertension); on monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention, microchipped Health issues:  diagnosed with moderate pulmonary hypertension, defined as a life-threatening disease that involves higher than normal blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs –  Vera is on two medications for life to help manage her condition – Sildenafil/Viagra 10mg 3Xday (roughly $20 a month) and Vetmedin/Pimobendin 2.5mg 2Xday (roughly $15 a month) – prices checked through Chewy and subject to change.  It’s important that she be adopted by someone willing and able to keep her on this medication and care for her for however long she has remaining.  She deserves no less.  Temperament:   very sweet, calm, quiet, no drama Energy level:  low – give her a soft bed – take her for a short walk a couple of times a day – dose her medication (which she takes really easily in a pill pocket), give her some good food and some love and she’s good to go! Groom needs:  High;  requires regular professional grooming, along with intermittent brushing to avoid matting – she has a very soft and wavy schnoodle type coat Biography:    Vera, in horrible condition, was surrendered to Bossier City Animal Control as a stray.   If you didn’t see her before pictures via the link above… here it is again:     BCAC shaved her down at the shelter as she had matting pulling so tight she couldn’t even close her mouth.   Some of the matting on her back was so tight, it literally pulled the hair off her back.  She was wearing a blanket in a sense.  Her paws were encased in about 3 inches of hair, urine and feces and who knows what else.  Underneath her coat were bleeding sores.  She was just in horrible shape.  The shelter asked for help and we took her in.   Vera has been through so much, going back and forth the vet, being quarantined for over a month, developing Pyometra, being poked and prodded to where now that we absolutely know what’s going on with her… she can finally be free from the kennel and finally find her new and wonderful furever home!   Vera loves everyone and despite going through all she has, she takes it in stride.  She never complains, growls, barks or anything.   It’s as if she knows we are trying to help her and it’s probably the first kindness she’s had in a long long time.     Life has not been good to Vera but that’s all changed now.  She does great in a kennel if needed, walks amazing on a leash and you wouldn’t even know she’s sick but she is.  We just need her to find a good and loving home to live out the rest of her life.  If you have the means to give this little girl a final home, we welcome your application.   **IMPORTANT NOTES** *We do adopt out of state provided the adopter is willing and able to travel to us once approved.  We do not ship or transport our animals and there is no exception to this rule. *All of our adoptable dogs are small, and they are never to be left outside alone, ever!  We only rehome our dogs to adopters that plan to have them as inside dogs and part of the family!   We do allow adopters with doggie doors, provided there is SECURE fencing.  There is no exception to this rule!   *NO SMALL CHILDREN!!  As with almost all the dogs at NR2R, young children or a very active household is not recommended.   Many of our dogs come to us BECAUSE of small children, thus we do not rehome our dogs to homes with babies or young children.  KEEP THIS IN MIND IF YOU HAVE VISITING GRANDCHILDREN AS WELL!  Even if the children are older, it would depend on the child AND the parent or parents.  *HOUSETRAINING:  We do NOT guarantee that any of our adoptable dogs are housetrained.   While most should be easily trained, keep in mind that they live in a rescue where they have access to the outdoors all day and are inside at night.  Even if they were surrendered to us as housetrained, it doesn’t mean they will automatically be housetrained in your home.  Housetraining them should be easy in the right home with time, patience, and consistency.  *We do not guarantee the age, health or temperament of any of the dogs we rehome.  Many of the dogs we take in come from animal control and rarely do we have histories and even when we do, many times the histories are inaccurate. *Only adopters with a responsible dog ownership history and excellent vet reference need apply.   If you bring this pet into your heart and home, you will receive in return many years of love, companionship, and loyalty.  That’s our guarantee.  Other notes:  This pet is available for adoption through Ninna’s Road to Rescue, Benton, La.  We are 501c3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to rescue small-breed dogs and a handful of cats and to re-home them into RESPONSIBLE and CARING forever homes.    DOG APPLICATION LINK: Time may be of the essence if you are looking to adopt a specific animal.  We do not reserve animals, unless and until we have approved your application, provided the animal is still available at the time we receive your application.  The first APPROVED application we receive will be considered.  We are NOT a first come, first serve rescue!! We adopt our rescues out to the RIGHT home, not just A home. Only responsible pet owners need apply. Applying to adopt does NOT commit you to the adoption NOR does it guarantee the adoption. CONTACT:  Our adoptable pets are updated regularly, but if you want to check the availability of a pet... OR still have questions AFTER reading this profile, message us via our Facebook page.   Please indicate the name when communicating with us.

Adoption Process
On-line adoption application required. If approved and at adoption we require adoption agreement, spay/neuter contract for puppies/kittens - adoption fees vary from $85 for felines and $150-$250 for dogs (varying depending on age, health, behavior, etc.) Adopters must have responsible dog-ownership history and stellar vet reference if applying to adopt a dog and vice versa for cats.

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