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The Ripley County Humane Society is a no kill animal shelter that provides quality care and shelter to strays, abused, injured or unwanted dogs and cats, in a clean, safe, nurturing, cost effective environment, resulting in securing forever homes regardless of the amount of time involved in the effort.

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Hound | Oakbrook, KY

YoungMaleMediumWhite with Brown or Chocolate




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Meet Shane

Shane is so amazing! Unfortunately Shane has been in the shelter for over 297 days! How unfair is that? This sweet guy deserves a home that will love him, (the way that I do ). In the past three days I’ve learned so much about him! AND he has learned so much about what life can be like out of the shelter. If you are even remotely interested in my guy, let me know! Just meeting him helps socialize him and that helps him get adopted. Below is what I know about Shane so far… Shane has been with Ripley County Humane Society for over 297 days.  This sweet guy loves people. He’s so eager to please and is treat motivated. He’s great with my children!  He gives the best hugs and kisses. ‍ He’s doing good with slow cat introductions. Prior to our house he was not cat tested. We will continue to work with him. He only reacts when they run away from him. Just curiosity. Don’t think he would hurt them. PUPDATE ~ Today while Shane was in our kitchen waiting for breakfast, he stood right next to one of our cats. He sniffed her and turned away with no reaction. I’m confident that with slow introductions, and correction, Shane could be deemed cat safe! Shane was said to be dog selective. Since being away from the shelter I haven’t seen any aggression. We did slow introductions with our female doodle, and he’s done great! He follows her everywhere. He also loves to run our fence line with our neighbors corgi. I think he would do great with a dog that is not an alpha male.   NOT completely house trained. Being in the shelter for a long period of time hurts a dogs chances of being house trained. He did have one accident in the house. With consistency he’s doing good. He knows to go to the back door to go out and is improving every day. He is so smart!  100% crate trained. No accidents in the crate. No whining or howling. Walk him to it, and he goes right in! Shane’s favorite things are ANYTHING STUFFED! He loves to get the squeaker! His favorite food is canned chicken! Are you curious yet about my boy? Isn’t he the cutest? Come say hello! Even if you can’t adopt, the socialization is great for him! PUPDATE  I’m so confident that my sweet boy will find his forever family. My family loves him, and we have decided to sponsor him! Shane’s adoption fee is $215. Our family is going to sponsor $115 of his fee!

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