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Boone & Crockett in KY - pending

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Meet Boone & Crockett in KY - pending

You can see more beautiful dogs by visiting our Adoptable Dogs page. Can’t have just one chip so why stop at one Pyrenees? Boone and Crockett are a bonded pair of Purebred Pyrs who promise to deliver if you love all things Pyr and are looking to adopt two at once! These two boys ended up in rescue after their owner got sick and they were surrendered to a shelter. They are not big but have the true Pyr personality and looks. Boone has a golden color to him while Crockett is white; and both have the softest, long flowing coats! While they do not currently live in a home, they both keep their runs clean and refuse to potty until let out. They are very curious in the house, wanting to check it all out! They both sat on command for their photo shoots as if they were determined to look better than the other :) Crate training is a work in progress with Boone not wanting to go in and Crockett much more willing. Boone is a medium energy boy, constantly moving outside while Crockett prefers to sit back, take it all in and keep an eye on things. They are great with female dogs but other male dogs are a no-no for Boone. They are both great with cats. These boys have very different personalities for sure. While Boone is not a big barker, Crockett is true Pyr, barking at the magical leaf that blows thru the air! Crockett and Boone knew nothing when they came to rescue - they never had a leash, their nails were curled around, their coats were matted but they are both open to what life has to offer. Their ideal home would be in a rural setting with a big, fenced yard and a Pyr knowledgeable family. With time and patience Boone and Crockett promise to be amazing Pyr companions for you! NGPR Pooch Profile Name: Boone & Crockett in KY Age: 3 yrs 7 mos old as of Feb 2023 Color: white and white/golden Dew Claws: double Estimated Adult Weight: 80 & 85 lbs Current Location: NGPR approved boarding in Richmond, KY Medical: Neutered, dewormed, negative for heartworm, up-to-date on vaccinations and currently on flea, tick and heartworm preventative. This dog travels with a Interstate Health Certificate required by the USDA confirming that all the above criteria have been met. Housebroken: yes Can be Placed With: Cats, Other Female Dogs, Older Kids Fencing: Secure VISIBLE fencing is required; invisible fencing WILL NOT contain this breed. Fees: Adoption fees are determined on a sliding scale depending on age, location and transport.  Fees for dogs adopted locally start at $400 and can range up to $700 for puppies under six months. Puppies placed on spay/neuter contracts receive $100 back when the dog is spayed or neutered. Transport costs are included in the adoption fee. Fees for senior dogs (7 or older) and foster dogs will be adjusted accordingly. NYS Registered Rescue # RR102 Our goal is to assess every application on its own merits. Key considerations are: 1) the experience of the applicant with large breed dogs 2) children in the household or regularly visiting the household are ready for a large-breed dog who is a guardian by nature and 3) the sex of other dogs currently residing in the household to avoid same-sex aggression issues. For puppies under six months old, the applicant’s ability to socialize the puppy with older dogs is a priority. If you can't foster or adopt at this time, please consider helping our Neediest Cases or making a tax-exempt donation by visiting our Donate page. Please complete the adoption application and visit to learn more about Pyrs and our adoption process. National Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR) is not a shelter. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt rescue who has been rescuing the breed for 15 years.  Visit to learn more about us, our mission and our breed. More Information: Questions? The fastest way to learn more about a dog is to fill out our online application. If you call or e-mail you are reducing your chances of adopting this animal as we direct our time and energy to first serving those who apply.  We have many Pyrs and Pyr mixes who need homes and not all of them are posted. You can see more of these beautiful dogs by clicking on Adoptable Dogs.

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