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We are a group of dedicated rescue people who want to save as many dogs and cats from the local shelters before they are euthanized. On the average....there are only 1 out of 10 animals that get adopted from a shelter. We are dedicated to helping increase pet adoptions by offering a shelter animal a foster home to go to while awaiting an adoptive family to find them on our Petfinder website. Won't you please adopt a shelter animal? Or won't you please help us foster a shelter animal while we are looking for their perfect home? What a gift you can give a dog or cat by giving them a place to feel safe and secure....a forever home or a foster home. Won't you help us at Critter Cavalry give them a chance to have a life?

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Glory Be it’s Gilman!!!  This happily smiling Terrier mix boy is a young 8 months old boy that weighs 36 pounds and is a walking miracle.  We hear a lot about the world and people being “contagious”.  Well the only thing contagious about Gilman is that his happy personality and spirit and smiling face just automatically spreads right into your soul and before you know it you have a smile on your face too!   This happy young dog was found on the side of a mountain, near the Smoky Mountains, by some people who were out hiking in the area and he was almost dead from starvation.  He has been so grateful ever since they took him home and got him the food and water along with basic needs that he needed to recover.  They also contacted a rescue to help with finding him a home and that is just what we are doing for Gilman.  He is ready and is completely vetted and healthy, neutered and microchipped.  He is heartworm negative and just waiting with a big ‘ole contagious smile for someone to pick his picture from the rescue website and take him home.  He has been so happy that someone found him.  As you should know about Terriers….they have energy to burn and he needs a secured outlet and a fence to run around in daily.  He adores all people and does well with other dogs and cats, too. He has no bad habits except that he needs to learn not to jump up on you during his excited time of greeting you as you come  home. This smart dog is learning how to be totally housebroken and he has learned how to crate up, ride like a great co-pilot in the car and his ability to learn quickly is definitely a plus!  Not totally housebroken yet but it will come with a little more time and focus.  Terriers are fun but you can’t slack up and just let them do as they please.  They want structure and good guidance.  If you can offer that along with some exercise sessions daily then please email us at [email protected] ADOPTION FEE REQUIRED. Contact [email protected].

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