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We are a group of dedicated rescue people who want to save as many dogs and cats from the local shelters before they are euthanized. On the average....there are only 1 out of 10 animals that get adopted from a shelter. We are dedicated to helping increase pet adoptions by offering a shelter animal a foster home to go to while awaiting an adoptive family to find them on our Petfinder website. Won't you please adopt a shelter animal? Or won't you please help us foster a shelter animal while we are looking for their perfect home? What a gift you can give a dog or cat by giving them a place to feel safe and secure....a forever home or a foster home. Won't you help us at Critter Cavalry give them a chance to have a life?

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Nutmeg is a little jewel of a puppy who is light tan with white Hound/Lab mix, and was found with her siblings on the side of a country road frightened to death of what has happened in her life.   This girl has a beautiful face and sweet demeanor that will make you love her quickly and deeply.  Her little short legs tell us that her daddy was different than her two siblings who the long Lab leg.  She is quiet and shy and will most probably grow up to be a 45 pounds adult beauty.  This tenderhearted girl is learning to trust but still has a way to go.   She is currently 20 pounds and about 4+ months old.   We are looking for a home with another adult, confident big brother or sister dog.  We cannot say that she is totally housebroken since she is outdoors a lot during the daytime.   Nutmeg is crate trained and the foster parents who found this beautiful trio are doing the best they can to care for them and teach them manners.  The foster home has many dogs of their own and so it is hard when you work to train 3 puppies and have 5 other dogs to care for on your own.  We only want a skilled, knowledge, patient dog owner to take this girl and shape her.  Nutmeg was lucky to find her way to Critter Cavalry Rescue and we are determined to make good on our pledge to find the home that she deserves.   Please email us at [email protected] ADOPTION FEE REQUIRED. Contact [email protected].

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