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We are advocates for the outcasts, a voice for the unwanted. We believe all dogs deserve a loving home and just like people, they all deserve a second chance at happiness.

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Meet Puddles

Puddles is a sweet, big, calm, and gently dispositioned girl. She is around 1 1/2 years old. She’s had it rough – being underfed and abandoned when she was young, then taken for granted and tossed aside during her adolescence. Instinctively she can fear new situations, understandably so with such a start to life. Though she is sometimes intimidated by big men at first, when she warms up, she absolutely melts hearts. She has been trained thoroughly to cope with a wide range of stimuli and scenarios, but as with any training, her new home needs to know how to communicate with her. Just because she’s been trained to a high level doesn’t mean anyone can tell her what to do and she’ll mindlessly oblige! Puddles is a smart enough girl to know that there are those who have earned the right to use her training and there are those who haven’t. Fortunately, if you’re interested in giving this Dane the life she deserves, you’ll get a free 10 week group course, or 4 private lessons, with those who know her training language inside and out so that you can earn the right to call her “yours” Puddles knows how to perform the following exercises on or off leash in any environment in which it's permissible to take a dog:Heeling: loose-leash walking "at Heel"Sit Stay: to wait patiently for your returnDown Stay: to wait patiently for longer periodsStand For Examination: to stand still for strangers to pet, groomers to groom, or veterinarians to vet, not to mention everyday grooming needs.Recall: Coming when called.These exercises conform to the AKC Companion Dog standards. In addition to these formal, measurable exercises executed at a high level, you'll also be instructed on good manners, household "pack management", and problem solving tactics.It's a course for both you and your dog, where we teach them right from wrong and instill good character traits in the context of classic obedience. It's not about the Sit, Down, or Stay, it's about what the dog learns through the process of being taught; self control, attentiveness, patience, discipline, confidence, submissiveness, etc. It's those traits that we're after when we train a dog.Puddles would love a comfy couch to curl up on and a loving lap to lay her head. She only needs a couple long walks a week and loves to sleep. As a rule, if your dogs aren’t under control and respectful, you probably shouldn’t add Puddles to your pack. If your children are rowdy and rambunctious, who will rile up the dog and inevitably get knocked over by a dog of this size, you should not bring Puddles into your home.   If you are ready to take on this big, but sweet girl, fill out an application at Puddles adoption fee is $170

Adoption Process
First, we do ask that an application be filled out on the animal the person is interested in. Once approved, we can set up to meet the animal, which will already be vetted (spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested, etc.). The fee for adoption starts at $125. There is a contract that also needs signed at the time of adoption.

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