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New Rattitude is a national, all-volunteer non-profit rescue/adoption agency whose mission is to rescue Rat Terriers (and mixes that are predominantly Rat Terrier) from imminent death at animal shelters, the streets, abusive/neglectful homes, or from owners who can no longer keep a dog, and to rehome the dogs into new and permanent, screened and approved adoptive homes. Each dog rescued is cared for in a safe and nurturing foster care environment where he or she receives appropriate medical care, a high quality diet, training and socialization. To achieve these ends, the organization is involved with transportation, volunteer recruiting and training, mentoring, fund-raising, and establishing and maintaining other programs deemed helpful to achieving the mission of rescuing and re-homing Rat Terriers.

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Parker (ID)

Rat Terrier | Boundary County, ID

AdultMaleSmallTricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)


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Meet Parker (ID)

Parker is pining for someone who prefers peace and predictability, someone to whom he can offer his wholehearted devotion. The 6-year-old rat terrier is a joy when his world is familiar and exposure to new things/people is limited. If pushed too far or too quickly out of his comfort zone, however, he may try to say STOP in the only way he knows how--with a bite.   Parker's perfect world would contain no surprises. A home with children would not work for him. While he happily lives with five other small dogs in his foster home, he's still reactive to strange dogs. He might like having a canine sibling close to his size (18 lbs.), but he would need time to acclimate to a new dog. Because he can play rough, any  playmate should be sturdy, preferably male. Parker has a high prey drive (he even hunts down bugs), so he shouldn't live with any small pets that he might consider prey. A home with few visitors in a quiet, rural setting would be ideal. He enjoys walks in nice weather and loves exploring his yard, so a fenced area is essential. At night, he sleeps in his crate, and he's house-trained (with outdoor access using a dog door), so he can have free rein indoors during the day. However, he doesn't like to be left alone at home.   When he feels completely secure, Parker is a  sweet, loving boy, who just wants to please. He loves playing, taking car rides, and settling into your lap. To help Parker cope with the stresses of everyday life, his foster mom has sought professional guidance. Parker takes anti-anxiety medication (cost = $4/month) to help him better focus on training to handle incremental introductions to change. You should live close enough to Naples, Idaho, to visit his foster home to observe and learn how to implement this training. Check out his online photo album at , and consider becoming the center of Parker's slowly enlarging world. It could be one of the most rewarding jobs you'll ever have.

Adoption Process
application, personal references check, vet reference check, telephone interview, home visit, temperament match, adoption contract and adoption fee.

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