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Fur-Ever Paws Dog Rescue is a 501C Non-Profit Dog Rescue. We are a new rescue just getting started in the Newark, Delaware and Elkton, MD area. Our rescue focuses on rescuing and placing homeless, neglected, or abused dogs from High-Kill shelters from the South.We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed and permanent homes, following a comprehensive adoption process which includes taking considerable care in finding good matches and educating prospective adopters about the responsibilities and cost of bringing a dog into their homes and lives.Animals in our care receive all appropriate veterinary care and treatment, and placed in nurturing foster homes while they await placement in their permanent homes. Finally, We strive to work with area shelters and other rescue and Humane organizations to develop a network of supporters and volunteers in order to create a better world for the homeless dogs.

Newark, DE,19702
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Phone Number: (302) 312-5129

Website: http://fur-everpaws.com

Penny (Rehoming Fee $50)

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler | Newport, DE



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Meet Penny (Rehoming Fee $50)

PENNY We are moving to Brasil next month and can’t take Penny with us unfortunately She’s an Australian Cattle (mix) She’s 16 months old We got her from Furever Paws in Newark, DE on 10/22 She’s good with older kids 8 and up because she’s active No cats She grew up with a female Chihuahua older than her She loves to run , play with sticks she’s very active she needs to run so she needs a yard with a fence so she’s free She also watches tv! She’s healthy and up to date with her vaccines She’s a Blue Heeler so she has a a lot of energy. Please call Claudia if interested. Claudia Cristiansen [email protected] (302)258-9988

Adoption Process
Animal Adoption Contract Fur-Ever Paws Dog Rescue 9 Deasy Drive Newark DE 19702 Phone: 302-312-5129 Adopters Information: Name/Adopter:__________________________________________ Address:________________________________________ City:______________________ State:________ Zip Code:________ Home Phone:____________________ Cell Phone:____________________ Email Address:_________________________________________________ Drivers License:________________________________________________ Are You over the age of 18? ____________ Name of Animal:____________________________________________________ Breed:_______________________________________________________ Sex: _____________ Age:__________________________________ Color(s):______________________________ Microchip# (if applicable)________________ __________________________________________________________________ I, _____________________________, (Adopter), hereby swear and attest that the following information is true and will be followed to the best of my abilities concerning the adoption of the pet listed above (hereafter referred to as "the dog"): 1. I am adopting the dog solely as a domestic pet for myself and/or my family. I will not use the animal for any illegal activity including fighting. 2. Adopter agrees they will not physically abuse, neglect, starve or harm the pet in any way. 3. Adopter agrees to spay or neuter the Adoptive Animal, if the Adoptive Animal has not been spayed or neutered. Adopter agrees to see that the Adoptive Animal is spayed or neutered with the time period of the spay and neuter voucher provided. 4. Adopter agrees to give Rescue visitation rights to ensure that the terms of this agreement are being observed. 5. Adopter represents that neither Adopter nor any other person residing in Adopter’s residence has ever been subject to legal action for cruelty to or neglect of animals. 6. If Adopter is a tenant, then Adopter agrees that the landlord consents to this animal adoption. Adopter gives Rescuer permission to call the landlord and verify the landlord’s consent. 7. Adopter agrees to abide by all state, and local animal control ordinance of the community in which Adopter and the Adoptive Animal reside. 8. Adopter agrees the Adoptive Animal will be examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once a year and will receive adequate vaccinations and treatments to ensure good health. 9. Adopter will make sure that the dog has enough food and water to maintain a healthy weight. 10. Adopter will make sure that the dog has adequate shelter. 11. Adopter will ensure that the dog gets the necessary requirement of daily exercise. 12. Adopter will never let my dog outside unless it is wearing proper identification. 13. Adopter will obey all laws concerning leashes and waste removal. 14. Adopter will train the dog so that it does not harm others. 15. If the adoption does not work out, Adopter agrees to offer the pet back to the rescue before seeking other placement. 16. Adopter hereby agrees that the adoption fee of $______________ helps to cover Rescuer’s expense of raising and caring for the Adoptive Animal and the adoption fee is non-refundable. 17. Adopter understands that no guarantee is made regarding the health or temperament of this dog. 18. Adopter understands that the rescue is not liable for any action taken by the dog. 19. Rescue will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to property, injury to persons, occurring directly or indirectly as a result of the Adoptive Animal. 20. Adopter understands that the Adoptive Animal is a rescued animal, and that no claims, representations, or warranties are made or implied by Rescuer as to the Adoptive Animals age, breed, current or future health, behavior or temperament. Adopter also understands and agrees that Rescuer gives no guarantees. 21. Adopter certifies that all statements made by Adopter in this Animal Adoption Contract and any other information Adopter has provided to the Rescue is true and correct. 22. The Adopters signature below, is agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions, of this Animal Adoption Contract. ___________________________ Adopter's Signature __________________________ Date ___________________________ Rescuer’s Signature __________________________ Date

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