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The Evergreen Animal Protective League was organized in April, 1981, to aid lost, abandoned and suffering animals through rescue, shelter and education. The League has provided a better life for over 9,300 cats, dogs and other pets. Some facts.We are totally volunteer. The majority of our members work during the day and do their volunteer work in the evenings and on weekends. There are NO paid employees.We are not supported by taxes. All funding comes from donations from the public, and from fund raising activities. We do not make money from adoption fees. Adoption fees do not even cover the cost of advertising the pet, let alone vet care, etc.Because we must raise our own funds to operate, we depend upon the Evergreen community for contributions and for volunteer assistance.We are a non-profit organization recognized for tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. Our tax exempt number is 74-2204391. If you are contemplating donating to us you may use this number.We rescue and shelter (if space is available) abandoned pets.We adopt pets not claimed by anyone to new homes.We reunite lost pets with their owners through lost and found records.We assist financially with neutering of pets, and we educate pet owners about neutering whenever possible.We educate adults wherever possible about proper care of pets.We provide educational programs in the elementary schools.We provide pet registration tags for pets.We conduct fund raising activities to finance our programs.We are a good source for information on pet behavior problems, but do not consider ourselves a replacement for a veterinarian.We help animals in any way that we possibly can.

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Cam Courtesy Listing

Pit Bull Terrier | Summit County, CO

Age : 6 Years 6 MonthsAdultMaleLargeTan



affectionate eventempered doesWellInCar goofy intelligent obedient playful playsToys

Coat Length




Activity Level

Moderately Active

House Trained


Good in Home With


Meet Cam Courtesy Listing

All people inquiring about pets listed as Courtesy Listings on the EAPL website and/or EAPL posting adoption boards should contact the current pet owner/rescue/shelter for answers to any questions and for final approval and placement. Please do not contact EAPL  about courtesy listings. The pet owner/rescue/shelter and new owner shall make all arrangements on transferring the pet, information on history, vaccines, etc.  Cam is a neutered, 6.5 yr old, AmStaff/AmBully/Lab mix. He is house trained and is a very gentle, patient, soft-mouthed, silly, and nervous boy who is very loved in his current home. Unfortunately, he lives with a littermate brother who does not appreciate him. We've been managing the two boys for quite some time, keeping them separated, but Cam is getting more and more stressed living in our home. His brother is not a candidate for rehoming. We've worked with our vet, a trainer and a vet behaviorist and so far we have not seen enough improvement in Cam's quality of life to continue the way things are. It breaks my heart to have to rehome Cam, and many tears have been shed, but it is not fair to have him continue to live his life this way.    Cam LOVES playing hide-n-seek, defluffing toys, mining for squeakers and chasing leaf shadows in the backyard. He walks wonderfully on leash, and readily accepts training, though isn't the most food-motivated dog. He may do best as a single dog due to some reactivity that has developed along with his issues with his brother. Though, a smaller dog could be a good fit - he currently does very well with our shih-tzu. He has a high prey drive, so probably wouldn't do well with cats. He is fearful of new people at first, but warms up very quickly. He is ok with baths, but hates having his nails trimmed. His new home would ideally be with someone who has experience with dogs, is home a good bit and can offer a relaxed atmosphere - someone who appreciates the sensitive souls that pitties are. I am charging a $250 rehoming fee simply to avoid horrible people with bad intentions. If you are not a horrible person and are interested in learning more about Cam, please email Shannon at [email protected].  

Adoption Process
THE FIRST STEP to adopting an EAPL animal is to fill out a DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION. EAPL is a foster-based rescue. We do not have a shelter facility where applicants can come look at multiple animals at one time. All of our animals are in foster homes that range from Denver, to Evergreen, to Northeast Colorado - where they are loved and cared for until they are placed in a forever home. The adoption process begins when you complete an online Adoption Application, naming either one or a few of our Available Animals or providing a description of the type of animal you hope to adopt. Completing an application does not restrict you to a specific animal, nor does it obligate you to adopt. Once we have received your application and determined that you are a good match for the requested animal, we will contact you. The foster parent will then contact you to arrange a time for you to meet the animal, at which time you can decide if you would like to complete the adoption. You may be asked to visit the animal more than once before taking it home. After your initial meeting with the animal, one of our volunteers will conduct a home visit. This may occur before you take the animal home or when the animal is delivered to you. Once the adoption is approved, you will need to complete our Preliminary Adoption Agreement and pay the adoption fee. We will keep in contact over the next few days to make sure everyone is happy. If so, we will mail out an official Adoption Contract for you to sign and mail back. At that point, your adoption fee will be deposited. IF AT ANY TIME AFTER ADOPTION, YOU DECIDE YOU CAN NOT KEEP THE PET FOR ANY REASON, THE ANIMAL MUST BE RETURNED TO EAPL. Our animals are our clients. Our job is to find each of out animals the right home. Rejected applications are not necessarily a reflection on the applicant’s home, but rather based on the determination that the home is not the right match. Before adopting, keep in mind that many of our animals have never lived inside a home. Some dogs may never have been walked on a leash, socialized, house trained or spent time with other animals. All, even those who previously have been in loving homes, will need patience and understanding as they learn to adapt to a new life and family. Rescued animals need adopters who will not give up on them if they have accidents in the house, pull on the leash, dig in the yard or act nervous or frightened. Because of the work done in our foster homes and the care we take in matching animals with the right home, most of our animals will fit in their new homes immediately. But some will not. Many will need some form of training. An adoption will be successful only if the adopter is committed to seeing the animal through the adjustment period. The rewards are the unconditional love and loyalty of a wonderful companion and the satisfaction of knowing you have given a rescued animal a better life. EAPL wants to support you with resources, education, and encouragement for the lifetime of your pet. Please contact us at any time following adoption for assistance. Adult dogs $125 (1yr and older) - includes Distemper/Parvo vaccine and Spay/Neuter. Puppies $200 (under 1yr) - includes age appropriate Distemper/Parvo vaccines and Spay/Neuter at our assigned vet. Spay/Neuter deposit of $50 is required if not altered at time of adoption due to age. Adult cats $75 - includes vaccines (does not include Rabies) and Spay/Neuter. Kittens $75 - includes first vaccines (does not include Rabies). Spay/Neuter deposit required if not altered. Spay/Neuter Deposit $50 - Per Department of Agriculture's requirement, EAPL will collect a $50 deposit for any animal unaltered at time of adoption due to age. The $50 deposit will be refunded once adopter has shown sufficient proof of alter. Then you will be on your way to your new life with your new family member!

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