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I, Ninna Lopez, have been in rescue since 2007, managing a large no-kill shelter before starting Ninna's Road to Rescue in 2012. We have rescued and rehomed 1000's of animals. Our facility is climate controlled and the animals stay indoors at night in specially designed doggy rooms. They have access to the outdoors during the day in a large fenced in area. It's a little bit of paradise for the dogs until they find their furever home.

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Portly Penelope

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FROM 22.10 VERY OBESE pounds to 15.12 POUNDS in three months! Intake photos: Sept 1, video:  Sept 15 video: Oct 7, video: Current You Tube video link:   FOR ADOPTION!   Note:  Only those with a responsible dog ownership history and excellent vet reference need apply. (For more pics, visit or   INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLY: PLEASE read profile thoroughly BEFORE applying: DOG APPLICATION LINK: Portly Penelope, now known as just Penelope! (female) Intake date:   8/21/2023 Papillon / Chihuahua mix 6-8 years old Intake weight:  22.10 pounds Current weight as of 11/24/2023:  15.12 pounds Loss of 7 POUNDS!   Adoption fee:  $200, which includes vetting, microchip Good with other dogs:  yes Cats:  unknown – we do not have cats to be able to test   Vetting and other:  altered (spayed/neutered), we had our vet check her thyroid, do bloodwork and a urinalysis (everything was normal except she did have a UTI, which has been treated); up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm negative, fecal negative, on monthly flea/tick and heartworm prevention, microchipped Health issues:  none found (although at the weight she WAS… she would have certainly developed health issues – she could barely walk!) Temperament:   SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!   She is a volunteer-favorite… and we are struggling letting her go. Energy level:   low-medium (it was LOW LOW LOW when she came to us – she could barely walk – but she prances around now with a bounce in her step!) Groom needs:  High;  requires regular brushing to avoid matting – and maybe a professional groom from time to time – she has a beautiful coat! Biography:   Portly Penelope came to us from the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter.  They reached out to local rescue groups to see if they could get help for this little girl and even though she looks ok, she is not.  She was reactive and scared at the shelter so we drove to meet her and realized she was just scared and we took her with us.  She “was” EXTREMELY OBESE; she had thick matting around her feet likely because she could walk due to being so obese.  The matting encased her curled and very long nails and she had thick matting around her rear end making it difficult for her to defecate.  (We’re not even sure how she defecated because she couldn’t squat or hunch her back.)  She came in weighing over 22 pounds when she should weigh around 12.  Now that she’s down to 15 pounds, we think she can now find her furever home.  While she still needs to lose 2-3 more pounds, we will explain our process to her adopter.  Feeding dogs table food or overfeeding them of any kind of food is NOT healthy and just like humans, they end up with obesity-related issues such as diabetes, heart issues, etc.  Dogs can't tell you "hey I'm fat... I shouldn't be eating that..."  You are their caretakers... just like you would take care of a child.  They will do things that aren't good for them... like overeat.  If you have an obese pet, talk to your vet first to make sure there are no medical reasons for your dog's obesity.  If there isn't, then stop overfeeding and start restricting their intake, take them for walks to help with the weight loss.  If you LOVE your pet, don't overfeed them.   Love them not with food;  love them with your touch... your kiss... or brush them... or play-time or a walk.    Ok, so now more about Penelope.   We struggled posting her for adoption.  She has become a staple at our rescue but we are doing her a disservice to not find her a loving home where she is the main focus.  Our work is done… so, now we need to pass on the torch.  She gets along with everyone.  She even plays with other dogs.  When she first came to us all she could do was lay there.  She didn’t want to go on the walks we were making her do… and now she loves the walks and when the leash comes out… she’s at the gate ready to go!  We walk her twice a day after she eats her green bean diet.  You can read more about the green bean diet by just googling it.  It works and we’ve done it on several dogs.  Just make sure you check with your vet first to make sure there is no medical reason your dog is obese or overweight.   She will put her little paw on you if you stop scratching her or if she just wants you to look at her.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She will take a very special human for us to just hand her over.  We want someone that will continue her weight loss… take her on walks… and give her the same love and attention she gets from us.  Are you special enough?   **IMPORTANT NOTES** *We do adopt out of state provided the adopter is willing and able to travel to us once approved.  We do not ship or transport our animals and there is no exception to this rule.   *Most of our adoptable dogs are small, and they are never to be left outside alone, ever!  We only rehome our dogs to adopters that plan to have them as inside dogs and part of the family!   We do allow adopters with doggie doors, provided there is SECURE fencing.  There is no exception to this rule!   *PREDATORS:    IF THIS DOG IS UNDER 10 POUNDS, the dog is to be monitored and protected when outside at all times!  PREDATOR-THREAT IS A REAL DANGER!  For example, a hawk tried to pick up a Chihuahua owned by a friend visiting Ninna’s house… RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE VISITOR.  Thankfully the visitor was watching the dog and the hawk was wrestled off of the Chihuahua but it did require an ER visit and she is was very lucky to survive.   TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!     *NO SMALL CHILDREN!!  As with almost all the dogs at NR2R, young children or a very active household is not recommended.   Many of our dogs come to us BECAUSE of small children, thus we do not rehome our dogs to homes with babies or young children.  KEEP THIS IN MIND IF YOU HAVE VISITING GRANDCHILDREN AS WELL!  Even if the children are older, it would depend on the child AND the parent or parents.    *HOUSETRAINING:  We do NOT guarantee that any of our adoptable dogs are housetrained.   While most should be easily trained, keep in mind that they live in a rescue where they have access to the outdoors all day and are inside at night.  Even if they were surrendered to us as housetrained, it doesn’t mean they will automatically be housetrained in your home.  Housetraining them should be easy in the right home with time, patience, and consistency.    *KENNELING:  We always recommend kenneling when you cannot supervise your dog.  This helps with housetraining and any destructive tendencies until you get to know your knew addition.   *We do not guarantee the age, health or temperament of any of the dogs we rehome.  Many of the dogs we take in come from animal control and rarely do we have histories and even when we do, many times the histories are inaccurate.   *Only adopters with a responsible dog ownership history and excellent vet reference need apply.   If you bring this pet into your heart and home, you will receive in return many years of love, companionship, and loyalty.  That’s our guarantee.   Other notes:  This pet is available for adoption through Ninna’s Road to Rescue, Benton, La.  We are 501c3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to rescue primarily small-breed dogs and to re-home them into RESPONSIBLE and CARING forever homes.    DOG APPLICATION LINK: Time may be of the essence if you are looking to adopt a specific animal.  We do not reserve animals, unless and until we have approved your application, provided the animal is still available at the time we receive your application.  The first APPROVED application we receive will be considered.  We are NOT a first come, first serve rescue!! We adopt our rescues out to the RIGHT home, not just A home. Only responsible pet owners need apply. Applying to adopt does NOT commit you to the adoption NOR does it guarantee the adoption. CONTACT:  Our adoptable pets are updated regularly, but if you want to check the availability of a pet... OR still have questions AFTER reading this profile, message us via our Facebook page.   Please indicate the name when communicating with us.  

Adoption Process
On-line adoption application required. If approved and at adoption we require adoption agreement, spay/neuter contract for puppies/kittens - adoption fees vary from $85 for felines and $150-$250 for dogs (varying depending on age, health, behavior, etc.) Adopters must have responsible dog-ownership history and stellar vet reference if applying to adopt a dog and vice versa for cats.

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