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Icelandic+ Dog Food Recall Alert: Whole Capelin Fish Treats for Dogs

Dog food recall alert icelandic+ whole capelin fish treats for dogs

Icelandic+ Dog Food Recall Alert

Icelandic+ has issued a voluntary recall for their Capelin Dog and Cat Treats as of March 23, 2020. The affected products are at risk for botulism poisoning. This recall is not as typical as other dog food recalls. The majority of the recalls that took place in 2020 were associated with Salmonella contamination.

Which Icelandic+ Products Are Under Recall?

The current recall is for the Capelin Dog and Cat Treats. The treats were sold in 2.5-ounce clear plastic tubes and 1.5-ounce or 2.5-ounce clear plastic bags. The tubes and the bags were printed with one of the below:

  • Icelandic+ Capelin PURE FISH TREATS FOR CATS

The associated lot numbers are 02/2020 to 02/2022. The UPCs associated with the recalled products are as follows:

  • 8 5485400775 9
  • 8 5485400711 7
  • 8 5485400757 5

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Why Were The Treats Recalled?

Icelandic+ proceeded with the recall due to potential botulism due to fish exceeding the FDA size guidelines. The FDA determined that salt-cured, dried, fermented, or salt-cured fish larger than 5 inches were linked to previous outbreaks of botulism poisoning in humans.

It was found that fish used in the production of the treats exceeded the allowed 5 inches.

Where Were The Affected Treats Sold?

The affected treats were sold at independent pet stores across the United States.

What Do I Do With The Treats? Should I Be Worried About My Pet?

If your pet has been eating the recalled Icelandic+ treats, discontinue use immediately. Then return the food to the original purchase location for a full refund. Proceed with sanitizing any food scoops, bowls, feeding toys, or storage containers that may have contained the food at one time.

Many common symptoms that humans experience from botulism, do not present themselves when botulism poisoning is present in pets. If your pet has consumed the recalled treats pay close attention to them for any potential changes in their behavior or comfort. Contact your veterinarian with any concerns.

What Do I Need To Know About Botulism Poisoning?

Botulism poisoning is considered a medical emergency and can be fatal. For humans, the common symptoms may include dizziness, difficulty breathing, blurred or double vision, constipation, abdominal distension, trouble with speaking or swallowing, and muscle weakness.

If you or your pet are experiencing any potential symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

A Message From Icelandic+ And How To Get In Touch

After the recall, Icelandic+ released the following message:

“IcelandicPlus is family owned and run by pet parents who take the safety and wellbeing of its consumers and clients with the utmost importance, as such we are conducting this voluntary recall to further protect our customers.

Additionally, we are changing our Capelin supplier to ensure that the fish in our product is consistently less than 5 inches, or if larger, they will be completely eviscerated.”

If consumers wish to contact Icelandic+ directly with any questions or concerns, call them at 1-857-246-9559, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm ET.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you may report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your local area. You may also go to the FDA’s “Report a Pet Food Complaint” page.

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