11 Best Collars for Husky – Reviews & Top Picks

They are strong, energetic and good looking. However, they are quite difficult to control and if not careful, they can easily escape from a poorly made collar.

So, it makes sense to insist on getting nothing but the best collar for husky. What separates the best from the rest?

Stick around as we delve deeper into this highly important topic.

Best Dog Collars For Huskies – Comparison Table

Our top picks can easily be identified through the following brief list. And in case you’re looking for detailed reviews, keep scrolling.

# Name Color Price
1 Military Dog Collar by EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Grey Check Price
2 Personalized Dog Collar by GoTags Red, Blue, Orange, Black, and Pink Check Price
3 Astro 430/T 5 Dog Tracking Bundle by Garmin Orange Check Price
4 Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar by PetSafe Fawn Check Price
5 100% Waterproof Dog Shock Collar by Petrainer Blue Check Price
6 Humane Dog Bark Collar by AttaBoy Black Check Price
7 Ultra Soft Comfort Collar by Black Rhino Red/Black Check Price
8 Martingale Collar, Training Dog Collar by Mighty Paw Grey Check Price
9 Reflective Martingale Dog Collars by Blueberry Pet Dark Green and Pink Check Price
10 Nylon Martingale Collar for Dogs by If It Barks Key Lime Pie Check Price
11 Stianless Steel Large Dog Collar by Abaxaca Extra White Check Price

The Best Collar for Husky – Review

1. Excellent Elite Dog Spanker Adjustable Military Collar

This affordable and easy to use military dog neckband is the best collar for Husky you can put your trust in.

The simple design with no spikes, bumps, or handles that make your dog feel uncomfortable when lying down. This allows the dog to have enough sleep or rest well.

Product Description

This K9 dog collar is made with 2 layers of high-quality 1000D nylon and features a soft padded lining on the inner layer. The padding prevents chaffing of the dog’s hair and skin thus providing a comfortable fit.

The buckle has double pins while the collar has 5 corresponding adjustable points. This means the collar will still fit your pet no matter whether it grows fatter or slenderer.

Other Features and Benefits

The incorporated D-ring is for attaching to the dog’s leash while the magic sticker panel is for placing the dog’s ID or patches.

This 1.5 inches thick large size collar is adjustable from 19 to 13 inches and is backed by a 90-day satisfaction or money back or replacement warranty.


  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean


  • May feel bulky on some dogs

2. GoTags Adjustable Personalized Dog Collar

How does it feel to order a collar with a fully customized size, collar text; dog name or your phone number, thread, and the collar color?

Then GoTags allows you to customize all the above before purchasing the collar to ensure all your preferences are met. Only make sure the names do not exceed 25 characters.

Product Description

This nylon webbed collar comprises; a strong stainless steel D-ring for attaching the leash or tag and an easy-to-release plastic one-handed buckle.

The collar’s edges are smooth so that your dog feels comfortable when wearing it.

Other Features and Benefits

The collar is available in 5 different colors and 4 adjustable length sizes; Xsmall (8-12) inches, Small (11-16) inches, medium (14-20) inches, and large (18-26) inches.

In order to find the correct collar size, take a string or soft tape then wrap it tightly around the dog’s neck at the base. The results should match the size of the collar you’d like to order.


  • Multiple adjustable sizes
  • Can be fully personalized
  • Well made
  • Rust free D-ring


  • Plastic buckles will eventually break
  • The collar is quite oversized 

3. Garmin 430/T 5 Astro Dog Tracking Bundle

Are you looking for the best e collar for Husky? Then this Garmin bundle that comprises both the collar and the tracking device will give you timely updates on the dog’s whereabouts.

The device uses super sensitive Glonass and GPS to track around 20 dogs as long as they are in a 9-miles range.

Product Description

Once you attach the tracking unit to your dog’s collar, you will be able to view the distance it has traveled, behavior, time spent out and many more. This is all done through the handheld device or any other compatible one.

By purchasing the bundle, you will get a free 1-year subscription to Birdseye Satellite Imagery and a preloaded 100K US topo map.

Other Features and Benefits

The gadget measures 2.4 by 6.3 by 1.4 inches and is equipped with 1 Lithium-ion battery that powers it up for about 20 hours.

Finally, the unit’s 2.6-inch screen display makes it easy to view the frequent updates.


  • Tracks even in most challenging surroundings
  • Provides hunt metrics data performance
  • Pre-loaded with US maps
  • Tracks more dogs


  • Very pricey
  • Includes additional subscription fees

4. PetSafe No-Pull Leader Dog Head Collar

Is your dog an aggressive puller, barker or jumper? Then this PetSafe Nose and head collar will help you limit this unwanted behavior.

Also, both the supple nylon-made straps are fully adjustable so as to find a perfect and most comfortable fit.

Product Description

The whole collar weighs 1.28 ounces and is recommended for medium dogs weighing between 25-60 lbs.

This collar incorporates a padded neoprene nose loop and a head collar that piles pressure on the neck’s back instead of the throat. This in turn, prevents the dog from getting chocked.

Other Features and Benefits

The collar is available in various other colors and sizes to ensure every dog gets its own fit.

To assure you of the collar’s quality, the company supports it with a 1-year chew replacement warranty at a small fee.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Gently controls unwanted behaviors
  • Easy to put on
  • Can be worn for up to 18 hours per day


  • The head strap is not padded
  • Poor quality plastic buckles

5. Petrainer Dog E-Training Shock Collar

This innovative e-collar allows you to limit your dog’s barking and helps you observe its level of aggressiveness among other behaviors.

The IP67 waterproofed receiver enables your dog to swim or play in the water without getting damaged.

Product Description

The device is covered with silicone on all the contact points to prevent irritation of the dog’s skin.

Both the receiver and transmitter comes with rechargeable batteries for a quick start-up.

The whole package weighs 1 pound and includes collars for 2 dogs.

Other Features and Benefits

There are three training modes for the dog; the standard tone mode, vibration mode and bark collar remote enabled static or shock stimulation mode.

Each e-collar is adjustable from 6 to 25 inches and is designed with an RF434Mhz technology that can cover a range of 330 yards.


  • Waterproof
  • Dog skin-friendly
  • Equipped with various training modes


  • Quite expensive
  • The gadget has no locking mechanism in order to avoid pressing the shock button accidentally

6. AttaBoy Humane Dog Anti Barking Collar

A dog that barks every instant can be irritating to your comfort when all you want is to rest. You will love this dog collar by AttaBoy because it helps stop your dog from barking without harming it.

The device is equipped with 7 adjustable levels of sensitivity so it can match the magnitude of the dog’s barking to the surrounding environment.

Product Description

The vibration and shock collar has 9 power levels that trigger electric stimulation to safely train your dog in the most humane way possible.

This device features an ultra-modern sensor that detects a dog’s real barking to release the stimulation and requires no remote to control its operation.

Other Features and Benefits

The sensor responds quickly to the dog’s throat vibration before it even makes the barking sound hence eradicating unwanted false alarms.

Finally, the collar is durably made with adjustable straps and can fit both large and small dogs.


  • Includes a battery that may last for 14 days
  • Gives no false alarms
  • Numerous power levels
  • High sensitivity
  • Harmless


  • Unclear usage instructions
  • The dog wearing the collar still gets shocked when another one barks closely

7. Black Rhino Ultra Comfort Adjustable Dog Collar

A good dog collar should be well padded, made from durable material and have reflective features.

Without further mention, the above exactly describes this Black Rhino dog collar.

Certainly, your dog’s comfort is an important priority, that is why the collar is fitted with soft neoprene padding that resists odors.

Product Description

The medium-sized collar has a weight of 3.2 ounces and is ideal for dogs whose neck circumference range from 14-18 inches.

This collar is built with heavy-duty high quality but lightweight material so it won’t feel heavy on your pet and also increase durability.

Other Features and Benefits

The reflective stitching guarantees total visibility and safety during early morning or late evening walks.

Moreover, the collar can be adjusted easily through the strong metallic buckle to get a comfortable fit.


  • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from
  • Includes metallic D-ring for attaching the leash
  • Very visible
  • Built with heavy-duty hardware
  • Padded


  • Doesn’t dry quickly

8. Mighty Paw Martingale Dog Training Collar

Since you may be quite busy throughout the week, you should put into complete use the little time you get to train or bond with your pet.

This is where the Martingale collar steps in to help you train your dog in an effective and safe manner.

Product Description

This 4.5 ounces collar is in 2 parts; the strap is made from strong and pure nylon while the chain is constructed from 100% iron.

The metallic chain is the one responsible for the audible sound produced which in the real perspective supports your training.

Other Features and Benefits

Although the collar is also offered as large or small, this medium one is for dogs with a neck girth of 13.5- 17 inches.

And in case you don’t want to use the collar for training, just change it to a non-cinch (standard) collar by attaching a leash to the D-ring.


  • Weatherproof collar
  • Has reflective stitching for enhanced visibility
  • 3 sizes and 2 colors to pick from
  • Highly adjustable


  • The metallic part may cause allergic reactions to some dogs

9. Blueberry Pet Safe & Comfy Multicolored Collar

Slip collars are feared by most pet owners due to their choking effect.

But worry not as this Blueberry collar remains comfortably loose anytime the dog pulls against the leash to avoid choking and also prevents escape.

Product Description

All the collar connectors and the D-ring are metallic for enhanced durability. On the other hand, the fabric used to make the collar is high-quality polyester which is webbed to a high density so as to offer long-lasting use.

Most importantly, the collar’s compatible harness/leash is sold separately.

Other Features and Benefits

This medium collar is only 2.4 ounces and fits dogs with a neck girth of 1.5 to 20 inches. It is advised that you measure your dog precisely so as to find the perfect fit since this collar doesn’t stretch.

To sum it up, the collar features different bright colored stripes for added visibility at night or during foggy days.


  • Offered in different shades and sizes
  • Quite affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable


  • The collar doesn’t stretch
  • Should not be used without a leash

10. If It Barks Martingale 1.5 inches Adjustable Dog Collar

If all you need is the best training collar for Husky, then this If It Barks collar is the perfect one!

Why? This is because the collar has no disturbing buckles but only uses connectors for adjusting the length for a seamless fit.

In fact, the collar self-adjusts when the dog pulls on the leash by tightening around the loop to prevent your dog from escaping.

Product Description

The widened design distributes pressure evenly around the dog’s neck for a painless use, unlike the traditional collars.

This collar is handcrafted in the USA with thinned military standard nylon webbing while the D-ring is built from nickel-plated steel for extra durability.

Other Features and Benefits

This particular lime pie colored medium collar is great for dogs whose neck circumference lies between 15-22 inches.

You can use the collar for dog walks or hikes and also for leash training because it is comfortable enough even for long hours of use.


  • Anti-choke design
  • Made with premium quality materials
  • Prevents dog from backing out


  • Not good for retractable leashes or tie-outs

11. Abaxaca Heavy Duty Dog Necklace Chain Collar

Do you own a cool looking dog? Perhaps you could match it up with this super cool metallic collar.

As an after-sale service, the Abaxaca manufacturer offers a 60-day replacement or money back warranty against any quality-related issues.

Product Description

This chain is made with 316L stainless steel metal and given a golden finish to enhance its durability as well as the appearance.

The polish doesn’t fade away despite the weather it is used in and protects the chain from wearing out or rusting.

Other Features and Benefits

It doesn’t matter if you would like to take your dog out for mild training or a walk in the field, this Abaxaca collar is up to the task.

This 18 inches collar has 2 unbreakable metallic rings for closing it up or alternatively attaching to the leash.

In conclusion, the collar is perfect for all Husky, German Shepherd, Poodle, and Golden Retrievers among many other dog breeds.


  • Offered at a low price
  • Durable chain collar
  • Simple to put on


  • The metallic chain causes itching to very hypersensitive dogs
  • Quite heavy

Why Get a Collar for your Doggie?

There are many good reasons why huskies should wear collars or harnesses. In fact, it’s quite important that these dogs are properly controlled during walks.

As you might know, huskies are traditionally transport dogs. They were bred to pull sleds for long journeys. As such, they are heavy pullers – it’s a natural instinct for them.

Therefore, when getting a collar for them, you also need to ensure that it’s durable and capable of spreading the force across the chest. Here are more factors to consider.

How to Choose Siberian Husky Dog Collar

Since collars come in different shapes and sizes, it’s often difficult to know which one would work best for them. But we’ll make the task much easier for you.


As we’ve mentioned, these dogs are heavy pullers. So, your best bet is to get a collar that’s strong and durable. Remember, some huskies are chewers, so it’s important that the collar you choose can withstand heavy gnawing.


It’s important for the collar to have a healthy fit around the dog’s neck. Above all, it should work in such a manner as to spread the force of the pull across the chest.

Contact Details

It’s always ideal to go for collars that enable you to put an ID tag for the dog. That way, you can rest assured that should something happen to your doggie, well-wishers can easily notify you through your contact details.


Most pet parents often overlook this important factor. Indeed, width is an important thing to consider as it determines the manner in which pressure is distributed when your pooch pulls. For that, we recommend collars of 1.5” width for a better fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it’s that time that we focus on some of your questions. Our experts have responded to some of them as follows.

Q: Do shock collars work for huskies?

A: According to the SCHCA, dog collar for husky can be anything that’s meant to withstand heavy pulling. And indeed, shock collars meet that criteria.

Q: Is it better to use a collar or a harness?

A: We’d recommend going for collars especially if you plan to accompany your dog all day long. Harnesses are typically not comfortable for all-day use.

Which One Is The Best?

We absolutely love the simplicity that’s in the Excellent Elite Spanker 1.5” collar. It’s simple, comfortable and easy to use. Above all, it does a good job of distributing the impact of the pull throughout the chest. We just wish it had an elaborate information tag where to put contact details, otherwise, it’s perfect.

Final Word

We highly recommend walking huskies in well-made collars. If anything, they are easier to use and quite durable. So, go ahead and grab one for your lovely pooch today.

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