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Cat's Cradle Rescue

Cat's Cradle Rescue keeps cats out of shelters by offering an alternative to a cage - we are a no-kill FOSTER-HOME BASED rescue group that welcomes cats to our home environments as they await adoption.Why Foster Care? Does your new kitty like children? Does she play with dogs or find other felines too uncomfortable to be around? Does he have consistent litter-box manners? Does he want to cuddle or perhaps his comfort zone is to be more independent. Many life-factors influence cat behavior and while genetics plays a role, we know that human touch, kindness, nurturing and consistency of care are non-negotiable requirements. We provide all of this.

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REGGIE - Offered by Owner - Young and Friendly

Domestic Medium Hair | Bay City, OR

Age : 3 Years



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Meet REGGIE - Offered by Owner - Young and Friendly

Reggie is a very sweet cat with a quiet voice and has been very easy to train and care for. He is an indoor only cat and seems very happy with that though I feel he would be good on a harness and leash to go for walks if you like. Just received his full tests, Vaccinations, de-flea, de-worming and neutered. He has been very good with grooming nails, combing, cleaning ears without much effort. 3 years old, 10lbs, medium long mahogany/ black hair with a wisp of white on his breast. He uses the litter box only and understands verbal cues. When he gets up on places I don't want him I tell him to "get down" with my added hand gesture pointing for him to get down and he obeys immediately.   Reggie enjoys being talked to and responds with little meows. He has become very devoted to me and I'm sure he will with a new parent the same way. He has been shy around new people but has warmed up to my one regular visitor. He has not been around other pets or children so I can't say how he would be with them. All his supplies go with him. Litter box, food bowls, toys, scratch post, bed he doesn't use, food, harness and leash.   Reggie has never charged at any open door to get out, but twice got out and stayed close by and let me pick him up and take back inside with no fuss. Occasionally he gestures to go out the door and I open it to let him look out the glass door. He's happy just to look out for 5 minutes or so and he's back in.   Reggie will make someone or a family very happy. I can't keep him due to my health issues. I only took him in to rescue him and see to his health and find him a forever home. Please consider this lovely cat and give him his forever name and home. He answers when I talk to him, I call for kitty kitty and he responds with his meows, I respond with any words of my own as he stares at me in the face hanging on my every word. He sleeps by himself and visits me on my bed seeking some attention that I give him and he wanders off to where he wishes to be. He's not needy, loves attention, but also is independent. Indoor only.  Rehoming fee is $75   For more information on meeting and adopting this kitty, please fill out a pre-adoption application under "ADOPT" on our website at WWW.CATSCRADLERESCUE.COM. Your information will be forwarded to the foster parent for follow-ups and meeting arrangement.   Cat's Cradle is an all-volunteer, non-profit foster-home based rescue serving Oregon cats who need new homes. 100% of your adoption fee goes to provide for the medical and physical needs of the cats in our care. We invite you to become a foster parent and experience the great satisfaction of helping a cat or kitten in need.

Adoption Process
Adoptable cats and kittens are shown on our website with detailed profiles and pictures. To help our potential adopters learn more about the cat(s), we encourage them to first contact and discuss with the foster family if it might be a good fit. Potential adopters must submit an adoption application for review and evaluation. We also have onsite Adoption Events on a weekly basis. Our adoption counselors are present to handle the interview and adoption process. Our adoption fee for single kitten is $120 and $200 for a pair. Adult cat adoption fee is $60. We require that adopted cats be mainly indoor cats and no declawing is allowed. Adopters must be over 21 years old and sign a contract that lists out his/her responsibility as the cat's owner.

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