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Rockers Rescue. I use to volunteer at our local animal shelter and one day decided.... I could do that. I needed to help the animals in the back at risk of euthanasia. I knew it would be a LOT of work to run a rescue but my plan was to take it step by step and life by life. We began growing. When you start slow and do things right you accomplish more in the end. We go to our local animal shelters that are over flowing. The kill rates are high at Shreveport's shelter. We are trying to help make a change. We take in dogs that would be euthanized for space. We've done ones needing eyes removed, ran over, mange, heartworms (very common in this state), elderly, skinny. You name it. We look for the one that matches our fosters needs and we find the right fit. If we have the donations lined up...we take them immediately to our vet for the works. We do not cut corners...we don't wait. We make sure we have the donations on hand so these babies get ALL the care they need ASAP. We also do cats and kittens. We usually take in the very young or sick mothers. I find what my fosters can handle and we work together. We get the animals recuperated and then place them up for adoption looking for a home to love them as we do. ---- I do this because I love it. I use to have bad anxiety and volunteering at the shelter helped calm me. I found I could function and go places again! This is what God intended me to do. We help the helpless. We turn lives around. It is such a blessing.

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Nera Nubs

Domestic Short Hair | Stonewall, LA

Age : 1 Year 1 MonthYoungFemaleBombay



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Meet Nera Nubs

Be sure to read my FULL BIO all the way down to my vetting and how to apply. Not all sites will show the full bio, so if needed please go to and click on adoptable pets to be sure you are reading all details. The animals have multiple pictures and a video to view. We are located around Shreveport, Louisiana and generally meet at PetSmart Shreveport, or Hollywood Feed Shreveport.  SPECIAL NEEDS. (No back feet. X-ray shows this likely due to a deformity when born.)  Nera Nubs Birthday Est -March 4, 2023.  Nera's personality: Love bug and snuggle bug. Nera loves to purr when she eats or gets attention. She loves to be pet and loves to play. Often she can be seen snuggling on the couch or a kitty tree.  She will also cuddle by you or on your shoulder/chest. She's pretty easy going. Gets along with the others.  When picked up she does prefer her bottom end supported due to her deformity. She really bonds to her caretaker. Her normal day consists of wandering around, finding places to nap, playing, and snuggling with people. She does wrestle and play with the other kittens too. We call her the "mother" of our little kittens, as she loves to snuggle and clean them! It's precious and funny since she's just a youngin herself. That's just how sweet she is though. She really has a great temperament. "Sweet" would be my best word for her. She has even began cuddling the dog that she once upon a time wasnt a huge fan of. Smothering the dog at nap time may be the proper wordsw, haha. Nera's History: We saved her and her siblings from a local shelter as tiny kittens. They had a horrible stomach bug/issue at the time that almost took all of their lives. They sadly lost their brother Nate, but our girls Nera and Nellie survived and got better. We are very fortunate that they pulled through. Her sister Nellie was adopted but Nera is special and of course still waiting on a home. When she finally got over her tummy bug we had to work hard to get her little nubs to heal. She had sores for a long time on the nubs. It required lots of watching, cleaning, and care. Since our girl has grown, callouses have formed and her nubs are so much improved, just as we'd hoped!  Nera gets around just fine, although slower than others. She will often slowly walk about or even balance on her front feet. The nubs are different lengths and have a little bone at the tip. They have been callousing wonderfully as she is growing and are looking great. She can still "run" in her own way when she wants to go fast. She isn't always slow...she loves to play!  Care: We do try to provide Nera with lots of cushiony places and soft surfaces to walk on. That means lots of blankets and cuddly things for her nubs. In my experience with kittens with leg defects, you can also expect them to use their front feet to climb your furniture. Nera in no way should ever be front declawed. She really needs her nails up front to help her get around. She does get around on hard wood floors. She uses the litterbox on her own but her pottying habits need to stay monitored. You can keep an eye on her back nubs to be sure they stay clean. She likely has a bit of nerve damage in the tips. We've had no issues with her nubs in months since she's been growing and learning.  As this is a special needs pet. A good vet history and financial stability are needed. We can't wait to find her a home that will love her as much as we do!    Medical:  Had 3 sets of kitten vaccines. Spayed.  Negative fecal reading. Fiv/felv test negative.  On monthly flea/tick prevention . Many vet visits when young to get her healthy and check status of her nubs. When you adopt, you will get a folder with all of their medical records to bring to your vet.  Kitten will be microchipped. It is via Petlink and there are NO fees. It is a lifetime registration and our rescue will have already paid for it.  Note: We do not approve of declawing. So if you wish to do that, please do not apply. Keep in mind the financial needs for the kittens as they still need more sets of shots as they grow. This kitten is also to be indoors only. If you want an outdoors or indoor/outdoor kitty let us know and we can direct you. Our pets each have multiple pictures and usually at least one video so be sure to check for those.  ADOPTION: $80 adoption donation for approved application. Our rescue spends a lot more than this fee on each life, but it is a way to help give back some to go towards the next life we help.  We are a 501c3 non profit that is 100% volunteer run. We function solely on donations from kind people. If you wish to donate more or continue following/supporting us over time, we would appreciate your continued love to help our organization save lives.  Adoption Process Summary: You apply. We will email or call if we have any questions. Upon app approval, we would schedule a day we all meet at PetSmart Shreveport or Hollywood Feed Shreveport. At that meet we would all make sure that you feel the pet is a good match for your home. If so, we run the adoption. You fill out our contract, pay your donation fee, and receive your folder with their medical records. You must bring a pet carrier to this appointment because your pet will go home with you that day if we all feel it is a great match. Woohoo!  We take your adoption picture and you head off with your new furry friend! We can often provide adoption coupons too!   HOW TO APPLY:  Go to  and find the CAT APP. Please include as much about yourself as possible. Some people applying like to send an email with pictures of their home/pets/ or family. Email is [email protected]  Our Rockers Rescue pets are currently in foster homes that help us save lives. When you choose to adopt from a rescue, you help open space for us to save another life in need. Thank you for considering adoption! Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!    

Adoption Process
Fill out application. We review. Ask any questions. Vet check and any landlord checks. Once approved we schedule a meet. Must have a meet at owners home as well. We have adoption contract that states our animals must be well cared for etc. Dogs $100 they are up to date, heartworm tested and on heartworm prevention, altered, microchipped, fecals done, dewormed if needed. Puppies $100 all above except the animal is altered and microchipped when of age. We stay in contact with owners (all in contract...we even prefer they book their appointment when they get them as it takes a month or so to get in at our local low cost clinic. We donate $30 back to help with spay/neuter cost. Cats $40, tested, up to date, altered, we also like to microchip. Kittens $50, get $20 back donated to place of altering to help with spay neuter cost. Up to date and dewormed. Again, contracts in place to ensure they are well taken care of and can be redeemed by us if it is not the case. Also if they ever need to rehome they are to contact us first.

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