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We are all volunteer fosters who accept cats, kittens into our homes. Once healthy and old enough, the cats are then placed for adoption with carefully screened families. We do this for the love of the kitties!

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Domestic Short Hair | Scott County, KY

Age : 4 Months 19 DaysBabyMaleBlack and White


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Meet Cotton

If you're interested in giving this kitten a permanent, loving home, please complete our application.  click here for application The application is necessary to help us to help you through the adoption process and does not obligate you to adopt,   The adoption fee is $100. 

Adoption Process
Cats have been vetted, combo tested, immunizated and spayed/neutered. Receive flea and de-worming treatment. The person wishing to adopt must complete the application. The foster connects with the adopting person. Strong preference for cats to remain inside and to not be declawed. Fee is normally $75.

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