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Kitten Snatchers is a volunteer-led, nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing Philadelphia's stray cats and kittens. Founded in 2020, we provide foster homes to cats found on the street or surrendered to ACCT, and we care for them until they can find their "fur"ever homes. Our success is only made possible thanks to the hard work of our team of experienced and new fosters who open their homes to cats in need.

Philadelphia, PA,19148
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Domestic Long Hair | Middletown, DE

Age : 9 MonthsFemale



affectionate fetches goofy playsToys skittish

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Moderately Active

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Meet Whiskey

Whiskey the floof is the shot of life you can have every night of the week without the guilt and hangovers. Like her spirit namesake, Whiskey the kitten is a little rough at first, dare we even say spicy, but quickly warms up, becomes sweet, and gives you that fuzzy feeling quite literally with her long, gorgeous fur. Whiskey was rescued from the north Philly streets and is wary of new humans at first. We thought she might be a street cat but then she showed us the key to her little heart: food. Whiskey is EXTREMELY food motivated and will not hesitate to venture right onto your lap (or plate) kneading and begging for a bite. She's got the begging down to a science and you can't help but give in to her big green eyes. Once Whiskey knows she's safe, and you may have some scraps for her, she leans right into pets and will even roll onto her back for belly rubs. That said, like the real deal, Whiskey is best suited for those over 21. Whiskey can be overstimulated easily and go from sweet to sour pretty rapidly. For that reason, she would prefer a patient, adults only household, preferably one with cat experience who can read and respect her body language. She'd also do well in a home with other friendly kitties for her to play with and to help her continue to learn manners. Let this fluffy cocktail wrap you around her finger and give Whiskey the loving forever home she deserves!  Age: 6 months    How I came to Kittensnatchers: rescued from the City shelter **If you are applying for a cat that needs a cat friend and you do not have another cat in the home or plan to adopt 2 cats, you application will not be processed** If you're interested in adopting this furrbaby, please fill out an application at All our animals are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped prior to adoption.

Adoption Process
Application, Approval, Meet the cat, Foster has the last say in approving adopter. Fees: $135 for kittens/cats under 1 year $236.25 for a pair of kittens under 6 months $108 for cats 1-5 years $81 for special needs cats and cats over 5 years

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