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Needy Paws Animal Shelter, an extension of River Valley Humane Society, has been providing sanctuary for sick, injured, homeless and abused animals since 1997. We are proudly a no-kill shelter, working hard to place healthy, adoptable pets into loving, forever homes!

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Meet Darwin

Meet Darwin, the adorable orange tabby kitten with a calm and gentle demeanor. This little ball of fur is looking for his forever home, where he can shower his lucky humans with endless love and companionship. Darwin's endearing personality and sweet nature make him the perfect addition to any loving family. Darwin may be a bit on the quiet side, but don't mistake his soft-spoken nature for shyness. He is simply a thoughtful observer who enjoys taking in the world around him. With his deep, wise eyes, Darwin is always ready to listen and provide comfort to those in need. He's an excellent companion for anyone seeking a furry friend to share the ups and downs of life with. While Darwin may be a little reserved at first, patience and understanding will allow his true colors to shine. Once he feels comfortable and loved, he will reward his humans with endless affection and quiet purrs of contentment. His favorite pastimes include playing with toys, bird-watching from a sunny windowsill, and being gently brushed, revealing his stunning orange coat. Darwin gets along well with other cats and would be happy to have a feline companion to share his days with. Of course, a warm lap and gentle scratches behind the ears will always have a special place in his heart. If you're searching for a feline friend who embodies tranquility and sweetness, look no further than Darwin. He is patiently waiting for a loving family to give him the home he deserves, a place where his quiet personality can flourish. Adopt Darwin today, and prepare for a lifetime of quiet moments, gentle purrs, and an unbreakable bond of love.

Adoption Process
$100-$125 Adoption fees, depending on the type of animal.

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