HSV Animal Welfare League

We are a nonprofit corporation that raises funds for strays that are collected in Hot Springs Village and brought to the POA Animal Control. If an animal is determined to be adoptable we work to have it adopted. Our volunteers also work at the Adoption Center to feed and clean the animals. In addition we run spay and neuter clinics and work with local schools to educate children about pets and animals.

Hot Springs Village, AR,71909
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Domestic Short Hair | Landmark, AR





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Meet Roxanne

Playful and choosy kitty seeks likeable human family and home. Roxanne was found with kittens and brought to the shelter. Now that the kittens are all gone to good homes, Roxanne would like to be gone to her new home. She acts independent but enjoys belly rubs from people she trusts. She also likes getting scratched behind the ears. Roxanne will be loyal to her human, the one that shows her consistent care and attention. Playful with toys, she'll keep you entertained. Contact us to give playful Roxanne a place to call home.You can apply on line at www.hsvawl.org by completing the Adoption Application on the home page.

Adoption Process
Adoption Procedure The very best way to pick a pet is to come to the Adoption Center to meet available pets. If you find a pet you wish to adopt, our adoption coordinators will talk with you to help make this adoption a perfect match for you and the pet. Another benefit for visiting in person is that animals and adopters frequently have a special relationship that starts the very first time they meet. You may find the love of your life being very different than what you envisioned. The pet you will be most pleased with will be the one with the temperament that fits your personality and homelife. That frequently has absolutely nothing to do with the looks or breed of the animal. When you adopt an AWL pet, you will have an animal that has been checked by our veterinarians, spayed or neutered, given basic shots (including Rabies), a folder with the medical history and various useful information, and someone to answer any questions you might have. We will ask you to promise that, if for any reason it does not work out, that you will bring the animal back to us. We have made a financial commitment to that pet because we felt it would give someone a great deal of pleasure, therefore we made a substantial monetary and emotional commitment to the animal. The last thing we want to hear about our pet is that it has been turned over to another shelter where it could be euthanized.

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