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The Stray Love Foundation began formally advocating for the local animal community in 2010 and, as a foster based animal rescue group has since placed over 1,400 animals in stable, safe and loving homes locally and throughout the country. The Stray Love Foundation has four primary missions: (1) To assist stray, injured and abandoned animals through vet care, fostering, and adoption; (2) TNR projects (trap, neuter, return) with the assistance of the Foley Police Department; (3) To facilitate and support the elderly and indigent with pet care, including vet costs, spay/neuter, and re-homing as necessary (also known as our Big Love Projects); and (4) To provide educational outreach programs to children and local groups to build awareness of the importance of companion animals as well as the importance of kind and compassionate treatment towards all animals.Our founder had always rescued on her own for decades but after moving to the Gulf Coast and the BP Oil spill occurred, the need for animal rescue increased exponentially. Being a business woman, our founder reached out to some of her peers to form a board and began formally operating as the Stray Love Foundation in April of 2010.

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Domestic Short Hair | Summerdale, AL

Age : 9 Years 1 MonthAdultFemaleLarge



affectionate apartment gentle lap needsCompanionAnimal oKForSeniors olderKidsOnly playful playsToys

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Meet Sophie

Sophie's "mom" passed away and she was taken to the vet to be put down.  She is a perfectly healthy 9 year old kitty and we could not let that happen.  She's a big girl but very sweet and deserving of a loving home for the rest of her 9 lives. If you are interested in adopting, please go to and fill out an adoption application. Each of our rescues will be COMPLETELY vetted (which includes a combo test, often a parvo test, worming, spay/neutered, vaccines, and micro-chipping). We do all in our power to assure our rescues are as healthy as possible and live a long happy life. There is always a chance that an animal we have rescued will have a genetic health issue (since they are rescues there is no way that we can know their family history) or one of our tests falls in that low percentage of false-negative category or a they contract a rare disease that we have no way of knowing about or they contract under your care. We cannot guarantee 100% that your pet will live the 15 to 20 years we hope for but with all that we do for them, the chances are incredibly strong that they will. Transportation fees, when applicable, vary by distance/expense. Home checks may be conducted. We are asking for an adoption donation of $148. On most animals, a tax-deductible adoption donation of $148 is required upon approved adoption application. (This is a fraction of our vet expenses and you are always welcome to donate more.) HOWEVER, when we rescue a special breed, ridiculously adorable, or unusual color, we ask for a higher donation which helps towards our vet expenses. If you can't adopt, donate or sponsor, if you can't donate, volunteer! Tax-deductible donations can be made via PayPal using our email address: [email protected]. Or you can click on the donate button on our FB page (StrayLoveFoundation Magnolia Springs) or click on the donate button on our website home page at Stray Love Foundation, Inc. P. O. Box 76, Magnolia Springs, AL 36555 A 501c3 animal rescue group FB Stray Love Foundation Magnolia Springs YouTube: Stray Love Foundation Twitter: StrayLoveRescue Adoption Application:

Adoption Process
We have an application process: Our standard adoption donation is $128 which includes all vetting. When we have a special breed we often ask for a higher donation to help with veterinary expenses.

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