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We started many years ago as a TNR group for feral cats. Naturally you also get many scared, dumped domestic animals. Ferals had no advocates in our area when we started. Thankfully now, we've been working with our local animal control and they are finally not destroying all animals deemed feral. Unfortunately, there are still too many breeding animals (feral and domestic) that need help so we can stop the needless, mass reproduction. Sometimes that's a well-meaning individual who feeds cats and after a couple of years, realizes there is a problem, or it could be an elderly person who can't afford to vet their animals. The animals not only need our advocacy but occasionally the people we help do as well. We adopt the animals that can be adopted and find special placement for others that aren't so readily "adoptable".

Capshaw, AL,35742
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Tabby | Hazel Green, AL

Age : 1 Year 9 MonthsYoungFemaleSmallGray, Blue or Silver Tabby



affectionate eagerToPlease eventempered gentle intelligent lap needsCompanionAnimal playful playsToys

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Highly Active

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Others DogsCatsChildren


For more information, please contact foster moms: Michelle 256-520-2517 or Brittany 256-975-0768.     Meet PEBBLE.... DOB est 4/30/2021, female, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped....   TWIG & PEBBLE were Adopted as little kittens in August of 2021, but then returned to us in November 2022, through no fault of their own. Sadly we find that sometimes people choose to give cats back, rather than help them adjust to changing family dynamics. What they often don't consider - is what the change of losing the only home they ever remember, must feel like to these sweethearts. TWIG & PEBBLE find themselves looking for new humans who will consider them true family members and cherish them. These girls are doing fine with other nice cats, and are around dogs - so they'll adjust to most any future Home! At less than 2 years old, they're playful but not crazy, and have blossomed into their sweet, snuggly stage. Such a PERFECT age & such beautiful girls! Please EMAIL [email protected] or call a number above, if you'd like to arrange to meet them! We would like to see them stay together.                  

Adoption Process
We have a application and adoption agreement, and complete it with a home visit. Our adoption fees are $100 per cat or $175/two cats. Requirements include the cat come back to us if they can't keep it, no declaw and must be inside only.

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