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Why Do Dogs Lick Me April 17, 2020

Why Do Dogs Lick Me

Why Do Dogs Lick Me

Dogs Love To Lick Us Which Leads Us To Wonder Why They Do The Things They Do.

Licking is no doubt one way for dogs to communicate. Once you understand why your dog licks you, you will discover a lot of things about him.

For this reason, let me share with you some of the reasons dogs lick us and what might be the hidden meaning behind their action.

They Love Us

One of the most common reasons dogs lick us is because they want to show their affection and love toward us. They lick other animals, too, to show their fondness of them. So, if they do it to other animals, how much more would they do it to us, right?

They lick us not just to love us, but also to comfort us when we are sad; join us in our happy moments; and give us the reassurance they are always there for us.

Why Do Dogs Lick Me

Licking Makes Them Feel Good

When dogs feel loved, they try to reciprocate that in the best way they know. Licking is among their means to tell you they love you. The mere feeling of being loved and loving us releases happy hormones. This makes them not just happy, but also calm, comforted, and relaxed.

Licking Grabs Your Attention

Your dog can do a lot of things just to get your attention. He may bark, pull your shirt, or place his paw on your lap. If all else fails, he would then use his secret weapon — his tongue.

You won’t be able to ignore the wet feeling of his tongue. By licking your hands or feet, he’ll surely be able to make you look his way.

Why Do Dogs Lick Me

He Wants Something

Your dog grabs your attention through licking and there’s a reason for that. He might lick you to ask something from you. It could be that he is hungry or thirsty. He might want to play or simply want to spend more time with you.

Investigate Things

Your dog’s curiosity may lead him to investigate things. Observing and sniffing might not be enough. So, he licks it.

By licking, he will not only know how things look and smell, but he will also know how they taste. The taste would then tell your dog more information about a particular object.

It is worth noting that your pooch’s tongue is filled with thousands of sensory cells. For them, licking is like touching something. They use this advantage to know more about the world around them.

So, if your dog is licking you, it only shows how much they are interested in you to the point that it is not enough for them to know your smell or how you look, but also how you taste.

Why Do Dogs Lick Me

You Have Food In Your Hand

Dogs can’t resist good old food and if they are on your hand, arms, or legs, they would surely lick them off your skin. Even if the food is just inside your pocket, your dog would lick you just to have a taste of that food.

Licking Cleans You

Licking is a way for dogs to groom themselves. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a shower, but dogs would also like to groom you out of love and respect. Though we know how poor they might be in grooming us through their tongue, we just simply appreciate them for their acts of care.

He Wants To Heal You

When your dog has a wound, he tries to lick it in the hopes to take the pain away or to hasten the healing process. He might also think the same way with your wound. If he sees you have one, he might try to help you heal yourself through licking.

Of course, your dog might create more problems by licking. So, just be careful and tell your dog gently not to lick your open wound.

Why Do Dogs Lick Me

Loving And Licking

Your dog certainly has a lot of things to say to you that he is even using his tongue to show you his innermost feelings and desires. So, if your dog’s licking doesn’t bother you, then you might simply see that as part of your dog’s affection. But if it does bother you, then just let your dog know about it by ignoring him or gently telling him not to lick you.

If you want to know more, you can speak to your vet about this behavior or read more about it on the Internet, books, and other sources.

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