What Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth

Taking Care Of Your Dog Involves Taking Care Of His Oral Health As Well

Neglecting this vital part of his wellness could lead to serious problems in the future. Without paying attention to your dog’s teeth, mouth, gums, and tongue, you may eventually see your dog developing not just tooth decay, but also organ damage.

This is the main reason that you need to take care of your dog’s teeth. The question now is, “how?” Thankfully, this article is written solely for that purpose. Read on so you know more about the best way to take care of your dog’s teeth.

What is the best way to take care of your dog’s teeth

Involve Your Vet

Your vet is your partner in keeping your dog healthy. As part of the annual or six-month health examination of your dog, your vet will also take a look at your dog’s teeth. The vet would most likely check for visible signs of dental problems such as reddened gums, tartar, and plaques.

Please note that oral problems are more common than you think. According to statistics, about 80 percent of dogs over the age of three suffer from oral diseases. Sadly, most of these diseases are left untreated and cause more serious problems.

That’s why it is important to have your pet regularly evaluated by your vet. Performing a periodic full dental exam should help the vet determine your dog’s overall oral health and do the necessary steps to keep it in good condition.

What is the best way to take care of your dog’s teeth

Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

Your vet will recommend when your pet needs a thorough in-clinic dental care. In this procedure, your vet uses specialized tools to get rid of deep-seated dirt, tartar, and plaques. Just like how we would get cleaning from our dentist, your dog will have a better result when a vet cleans his teeth.

Moreover, it is worth noting that you, as a pet parent, should also clean your dog’s teeth at home. This is a critical component of your dog’s oral health. The best thing you can do is brushing.

Brushing your dog’s teeth should be done at least once a day. Remember, bacteria in the mouth can easily return after brushing. They can even recolonize within just 2-3 days. So, brushing your dog’s teeth is vital.

Brushing your dog’s teeth may sound daunting, but as soon as your dog gets used to it and you also know how to effectively do it, the benefits are just awesome.

What is the best way to take care of your dog’s teeth

Give The Right Food

Food plays a huge role in your dog’s oral health. Remember, your dog’s mouth can easily become healthy if he gets the right nutrients from the food he eats.

There are clinically proven dog foods that provide balanced nutrition to improve dental health. You can easily find them on the market. Look for food that contains raw meaty bones, antioxidants, probiotics, fatty acids, and biodent.

Moreover, you can give chew treats. In fact, chew treats are designed to help in getting rid of tartar and plaques, thereby making your dog’s teeth cleaner.

What is the best way to take care of your dog’s teeth

Happy Mouth, Happy Dog

These are some of the best ways for you to take care of your dog’s teeth. Be sure to discuss this with your vet as you will get more details from him. Not only that, keep on researching and reading about this topic. The more knowledge you gather, the better you’ll keep your dog happy and healthy.

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