How Does Dust Affect Your Dog?

Does dust affect your pet dog

You Know That Dust Can Make Your House Dirty

However, have you ever thought about whether dust can affect your dog or not? If it does, how exactly can dust affect your four-legged friend?

Dust And Cleanliness

Your dog has the ability to clean and groom himself. By licking himself or shaking his body vigorously to get rid of dirt, he can keep himself clean, but not completely and not all the time. 

Your dog can get into places where there is a lot of dust. He may try to squeeze himself under the bed or furniture, run through the dusty road, or play in dusty places. When your dog is all dusty, the small dirt can stay in his fur or coat. This leads to a dirty body and messy fur.

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If your dog is too dusty, you can give them a bath. You can also wipe them down with these medicated wipes that will help clean your dog and soothe their irritated skin. 

Does dust affect your pet dog

Dust And Health

Dust can get into your dog’s nose. When that happens, your dog will try to get rid of the dust by sneezing or coughing. So, it is possible to find your dog sneezing when your place is too dusty.

Dust can also cause allergies. In some cases, an allergic attack is caused by a combination of not just dust but also pollen, mold, and mildew.

Among the earliest signs of your dog’s allergy would be skin problems. You may find your dog licking and scratching constantly leading to skin irritation, hair loss, and dermal crusty patches. Aside from skin problems, dust allergy can lead to gagging, coughing, runny eyes and nose, and difficulty breathing.

Does dust affect your pet dog

Prevention And Cure

Cleanliness is still the best way to avoid problems with dust. With no dust or at least, with only a few of them, you can ensure your dog stays clean and healthy.

Change your beddings as well as your dog’s beddings. Vacuuming your home twice a week should tremendously decrease the amount of dust around you and your canine friend. Try to also remove their fur on furniture. This fur remover really helps. 

If possible, prevent your dog from going outside and playing in dusty areas. Regularly giving them a bath and grooming could also improve your dog’s health. We recommend this anti-fungal shampoo, especially if they’ve been itching themselves a lot. 

A lot of our customers have also seen great success with our 15 in 1 Multi Chew for their dog’s allergies and a lot more.

If your dog is showing signs of allergy, you need to bring him to the vet. You can have him checked and your vet will determine the severity of your dog’s symptoms. From there, the vet can then prescribe the right medication or perform the correct medical intervention.

Does dust affect your pet dog

Special Consideration

During house renovation, please make sure your dog is placed in a separate room. If possible, remove him from your house until the renovation is complete. Construction dust can be fatal to your dog especially if your house is built in the 1970s when toxic chemicals are known to be commonly used at that time.

If you need to learn more, speak to your vet. You can also do some research on the Internet to gather as much information as possible.