5 Tips for Getting the Best Custom Pet Portrait

5 tips for getting the best custom pet portrait

Custom Pet Portrait Checklist

You want a custom pet portrait of your four-legged buddy, but you don’t know where to start. There are plenty of photo services that offer a plethora of options for custom pet portraits.

But, how can you tell which businesses are legit and which ones are not? Here are five tips for purchasing the best custom pet portraits.

1. Do They Have A Real Customer Service Team?
The ability to speak to a live person is important. Without the option to speak to a real person, you may be limited to chat, email, and automated phone prompts. When it comes to ordering a pet portrait, you want to make sure the process is done correctly, having the option to speak to a live customer service representative will ensure that.

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2. What Are Their Design Details, Material Used, And Printing Techniques?
Four factors affect the quality of your pet portraits: design detail, paper quality, printing method, and a color guarantee. Most trusted brands offer detailed designs on museum-grade paper, use a ‘Gicle’ printing method, and offer a color guarantee. If the company you are prospecting for your pet portrait lacks any of these features, we recommend you look else.

5 tips for getting the best custom pet portrait

3. Do They Have A Customer Feedback and Review Section?
The customer feedback section gives you insight on the products. Were other pet parents happy with the service, delivery time, and quality of the portraits? Did the portraits meet their expectations or went beyond it? It is a red flag if the site does not have a feedback or review section.

5 tips for getting the best custom pet portrait

4. How Fast Is the Turnaround Time?
One of the most overlooked, but critical aspects of ordering your pet portrait is the turnaround time. Oftentimes, customers overlook the shipping section. Do not overlook this detail, or you may be waiting weeks, even months. for a portrait.

5. Do They Have A Return Policy?
This is a no-brainer, stay away from companies that do not have a clear return policy. Most top companies will offer a return policy or something similar.

Final Thoughts

The trend for purchasing custom pet portraits is not slowing down, so being able to differentiate between a legit company offering a trusted product and a questionable one will benefit you and your pocket book!