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Meet Amber LaRock, Licensed Vet Tech

Amber LaRock is a licensed veterinary technician with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Since she was a child, Amber knew she wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. At just 16 years old, she began working as a kennel tech at a nearby clinic, where she continued to work throughout high school. Upon graduating high school, Amber immediately began obtaining her prerequisites in order to apply for the Cedar Valley Veterinary Technology Program.

After two years of preparation courses and three years in the Vet Tech program, Amber graduated with a degree in Veterinary Technology in 2015. She went on to pass the National Boards and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She continued to grow her career, immediately putting her skills to the test and applying for a learning position in an emergency animal hospital. She excelled during the interview period at the ER, and was quickly brought on as a full-time member of that emergency animal hospital, where she worked for four years.

Amber then made the decision to contribute to the animal world in a unique way, by taking the road less traveled and becoming a full-time veterinary author. Since transitioning from the hustle & bustle of the ER to the digital nomad lifestyle of the veterinary author, Amber has traveled throughout Asia, where she helped manage a veterinary clinic in Cambodia, worked with elephant vets in Thailand, and expanded her veterinary horizons around the world.

Articles Written & Reviewd by Amber LaRock, Licensed Vet Tech