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What you see are weeds, while your cat might see snacks. While cats are dominantly a carnivore, this does not stop them from munching on plants every once in a while. However, what you think... Read More
10 FEB
Thyme is among nature’s greatest gifts to your cat. This Mediterranean plant is getting popular among pet owners because of its many benefits. If you are considering to use thyme, you would be... Read More
05 FEB
You probably have heard about catnip. It’s a popular herb that helps cats feel happy, active, and even euphoric. However, not all cats like catnip. Some even don’t respond to it. Thankfully,... Read More
27 JAN
If you are looking for a new way to improve your cat’s behavior or simply make him happier, then you need to consider catnip. It comes with various benefits - both physically and psychologically.... Read More
24 JAN
A lot of people have heard of catnip (sometimes, referred to as catmint), but not all of them know what it really is. In this post, let us put catnip under the spotlight and learn what it is, its... Read More
30 DEC

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