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An Inspirational Character A former shelter dog is now a celebrity thanks to his owner, writer Gwen Romack. Romack adopted her dog Finn, a 3 year old Vizsla mix, from the Carteret County Humane... Read More
07 DEC
Wagging A Patient Tail Imagine being in an animal shelter for most of your life. That is the true story of 4-year-old canine Charlize. But the story has a happy ending as she finally found her... Read More
06 DEC
A Horrifying Fall An Austin, TX dog named Stout is lucky to be alive after falling down a 70 ft cliff. The dog was strolling over Pennybacker Bridge overlook when he fell and landed on the ground... Read More
05 DEC
Lending A Helping Hand A delivery driver in Janesville, WI ended up delivering more than a meal when he was out for his rounds. He also returned a lost dog to his family. John Risque was out... Read More
04 DEC
A Sudden Disappearance It is always great to hear that a dog that went missing was reunited with its owner. But the story of Katie Olson and her dog Walter is a bit more unusual than most. Olson, who... Read More
03 DEC
The Sharpest Nose In the Room We all know dogs have a superior sense of smell. In fact, research has found that a dog’s nose has 300 million olfactory receptors as compared to a human’s 6... Read More
02 DEC
A Hero for the Animals As hurricane Delta threatened Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, many took measures to protect their families and loved ones. Ricardo Pimental took it a step further opening his... Read More
01 DEC
An Incredible Reunion A Tennessee family was reunited with their dog after they saw a post the animal shelter published on Facebook. It was three years ago that the dog ran away from his family’s... Read More
30 NOV
Every Dog Needs Protection Ten-year-old Brady Snakovsky’s Brady’s K-9 Fund is changing lives across the Cleveland, Ohio area. Brady wants to ensure that all K9 dogs get a protective vest because... Read More
22 NOV
A Heartwarming Friendship A dachshund puppy’s friendship with a seal is making headlines and showcasing an important sanctuary in the UK. Stanley and his owner Melanie Talbot took a trip to visit... Read More
21 NOV
Barking At Death’s Door Blue is a dog that has definitely lived through interesting times. Despite having three families willing to adopt him, he narrowly escaped death row at a New York animal... Read More
20 NOV
The Smartest Dog We have all watched game shows that help us determine the smartest human. Now researchers are conducting a Genius Dog Challenge to find the smartest dog based on their ability to... Read More
19 NOV

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